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a careful study of some social unit (as a corporation or division within a corporation) that attempts to determine what factors led to its success or failure

a detailed analysis of a person or group from a social or psychological or medical point of view

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We have received anecdotal reports of coincidental relief from symptoms of RLS in patients following sclerotherapy for varicose vein disease.
He also has heard anecdotal reports of quetiapine misuse and abuse in the community but has seen little in the way of evidence to support it.
While anecdotal reports have suggested that they may increase the risk of esophageal cancer, the scientific evidence has been limited.
Effectiveness was monitored by the following data: beginning and midyear surveys of classroom teachers; midyear survey of parents; beginning and end of the year survey of students; anecdotal reports through observation by staff and parents.
The study will address consumer concerns, including anecdotal reports that have linked a range of conditions to aspartame.
But some analysts are now saying there are increasing anecdotal reports of growing concerns among farmers about credit.
as reported in various anecdotal reports and research studies.
Food and Drug Administration and the European Medicines Agency rely too much on passive surveillance and anecdotal reports of adverse events, the editorial said.
markets the test under the name Canine Heritage (and not, contrary to anecdotal reports, Who's Your Daddy?
The teratogenicity noted in animal studies and anecdotal reports has not been observed in large case series.
Despite a favorable public reaction to the campaign, anecdotal reports note that the instructions included with the Gotham gloves take 3-5 minutes to decipher and smell like deli sandwiches.
The article ends with commentary by Margaret Laws, a director of the California HealthCare Foundation: "Until now, she said, the only sources of information on the costs of caring for illegal immigrants have been anecdotal reports.
The Canadian section of the report is based largely on anecdotal reports that the people trafficking includes:
Moreover, we have seen anecdotal reports of persons with clinical signs and symptoms of Lyme disease and epidemiologic evidence that suggests local acquisition.
Baxter says Phase I anecdotal reports show that of the 24 total study subjects, 16 reported feeling better with reductions in chest pain and improved exercise capacity during the early stage of the trial.