Andropogon virginicus

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tall tufted grass of southeastern United States


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Even though Andropogon virginicus was already present at the site, the species was sown in eight plots and became established in six of them.
Analysis of relative light (percentage of above-canopy light) to Pinus taeda, Liquidambar styraciflua, and Andropogon virginicus at three-fourths plant height in mid-June, as influenced by densities of each species.
All four sites contained open (20 to 40%) canopies of longleaf pine with well-developed groundcover vegetation dominated by Andropogon virginicus L.
As in south Mississippi, canopy coverage above these edge populations ranged between 20 and 40%, and the groundcover vegetation was dominated by Andropogon virginicus and Schizachyrium scoparium and numerous forbs indicative of open woodlands, barrens and savannas.
One of the two trays was sown with a mixture of approximately 1000 seeds of Andropogon virginicus.
graminifolia grown from seed and surrounded by established swards of Andropogon virginicus showed lower incidences of floral induction than did comparable shoots of P.
Dry, fire-managed grasslands dominated by Andropogon virginicus and Solidago juncea.
Andropogon virginicus and Solidago juncea were the dominant plant species in the permanent plots.
Andropogon virginicus occurred in 46 out of 60 (77%) subplots and an average cover of 2.
Andropogon virginicus occurred in 33 subplots (55%) and had an importance value of 11.
The most common grass species at Big Oaks NWR are Andropogon virginicus, Dathonia spicata, Panicum anceps, and Phleum pretense.
Grass Species Dogtown Friendship Andropogon virginicus 32.
The open area between the parking lot and the woods is dominated by Andropogon virginicus (broom sedge), which gives the field a golden tan appearance most of the year.