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Synonyms for android

an automaton that resembles a human being

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Although it is a beta version, it reveals key features about the new Android version. That means, for the third year in a row, Google is making a developer preview for the next version of Android available in March--months ahead of a consumer release in the autumn.
Of course, ( people are expecting that the next Android version will still follow the same naming scheme.
API levels are basically the representation of an Android version using an integer number, which is incremented with the release of each new version of Android.
The successes of the iOS and Android versions are not surprising.
The researchers wrote in the paer, "Although the bug exists in many versions (nearly a 1,000,000,000 devices) it was claimed impractical to exploit in -the -wild, mainly due to the implementation of exploit mitigations in newer Android versions, specifically ASLR" .
According to the sources, Microsoft is building iOS and Android versions of the Movies & TV app, which basically offers access to the large collection of movies and TV shows available on Microsoft's online store. 
Called, while you were away, the feature has already been rolled out on iOS and Android versions of the application.
We also enabled shared playback, so multiple users can control what's playing," the team stated before adding that both the iOS and Android versions of their app has been updated to "prove a consistent and streamlined experience" to users. 
As the app store supports Android versions 2.2 and above devices running older versions of Android were not included.
As Android 7.0 updates continue, Google is moving forward with future Android versions. The Android 7.1.2 beta is now available and is expected to roll out officially April 3.
India, March 28 -- BlackBerry 10, the platform the company is betting big on, has now crossed 100000 apps, out of which 20% are claimed to be Android versions. This was confirmed by Martyn Mallick, BlackBerry's vice president for global alliances and business development, in a chat with AllThingsD.
Android versions have been named for desserts since the launch of Android 1.5, or Cupcake, in April 2009.
Among other older Android versions, Froyo is on 8.1 percent of all Android devices, Honeycomb is on 1.3 percent and Eclair on 2.2 percent.
Unlike with previous Android versions, rooting Android 5.0 is more difficult and users will need to weigh things between security and administrative access.
Gingerbread, which has so far led the Android versions, has slumped below 50 percent to 47.6.