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Synonyms for android


Synonyms for android

an automaton that resembles a human being

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Skyhook can provide superior location functionality for these apps, and also ensure they perform consistently across all Android versions, preventing fragmentation.
0 L will likely follow the release date pattern of previous Android versions such as Android KitKat released on October 31 2013, Android 4.
The Android version brings the advanced marketing tools of the MagCast iOS to Android, including push notification, list building, digital product development, and eCommerce strategies.
Skyhook's Android SDK provides consistent location functionality across all Android versions, including forks like Kindle Fire and Barnes and Noble NOOK," said Ted Morgan, founder and CEO of Skyhook.
Android L's new keyboard features a faster and smoother user experience compared to previous Android versions, with support on personalised dictionary, various languages, swipe gesture and theme.
The Android version of Jenga([R])is specifically optimized for a range of devices and Android versions, and takes advantage of available screen resolutions and processing power.
New security implementation will support older Android versions 4.
Manufacturers are finally adopting with newer Android versions and pushing updates to the owners of several Android devices such as Galaxy and Xperia brands.
5 times higher than Viber), daily installation figures for Viber and Skype are very close - a clear win for Viber, growing three times faster, relying only on the mobile arena as a distribution platform with iOS and Android versions.
link means we can also cross promote our Symbian and Android versions without the need to send folks to multiple places to get their favorite game.