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The update has reportedly been rolled out for iOS users currently, we hope the Android version will receive the update very soon.
GetJar, the world's second largest mobile apps store, today debuts the full Android version of the highly addictive Angry Birds game on GetJar.
However, it requires a modified kernel package in order to gain root access on any Android devices running the latest Android version.
India, March 28 -- BlackBerry 10, the platform the company is betting big on, has now crossed 100000 apps, out of which 20% are claimed to be Android versions.
The player is showing premium quality for video and music streaming services through Mobile Operator Networks and Wireless Internet thanks to the specific optimization of the codecs, protocols and rendering modules for the different Android versions and device chipsets.
Nexus devices co-made by Google are privileged to receive automatic updates of new Android versions.
Android L's new keyboard features a faster and smoother user experience compared to previous Android versions, with support on personalised dictionary, various languages, swipe gesture and theme.
Gingerbread, which has so far led the Android versions, has slumped below 50 percent to 47.
New security implementation will support older Android versions 4.
Facebook says that this feature is currently limited to Android phones, and all phones and Android versions will get this update over the coming weeks.
Manufacturers are finally adopting with newer Android versions and pushing updates to the owners of several Android devices such as Galaxy and Xperia brands.
It may take a while for the new Android versions to have their share spike in the near future.
Now, traditionally, Android versions have proceeded alphabetically and have always been named after dessert dishes.