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Synonyms for android


Synonyms for android

an automaton that resembles a human being

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If you've lost your phone or just want to try out how the tracking system works, you can proceed to the ( "Find My Device" site on your computer or use the ( "Find My Device" app on other Android phones. Both tracking systems will try to locate your device through the tied Google email address that you've logged into.
There's a reason Facebook's actions were restricted to Android phones. Apple locks down app permissions tightly, which offers more privacy protection to iPhone users.
Haven is built primarily for "journalists and human rights defenders", however, Snowden noted that it can be used by anyone who owns an Android phone.
* Click on "Start" to analyze your Android phone. Make sure your phone's battery is more than %20.
They gave me the wrong information for activating a social package on an Android phone. On calling them, they said that it's best that I switch to an Android phone.
They've created a free short story app for the Android phone.
23, 2012 (CENS) -- Not to lag behind its competitors, HTC Corp., a Taiwanese smartphone vendor, is reportedly to launch its Google Nexus Android phone in the fourth quarter of this year as the fourth smartphone brand joining the competition after LG, Samsung, and Sony, according to industry sources.
I use a free app called ColorNote for my Android phone. Anytime I need to remember something like spark plug sizes, belt sizes, dimensions, furnace filter sizes, air filters, etc., I enter it into my phone.
Fully 89% of developers were very interested in developing for iPhone, while 88% were very interested in developing for iPad79% were very interested in Android Phone development and 66% were very interested in building apps for Android tablets.
ANDROID FOR WORK: PRODUCTIVITY FOR PROFESSIONALS teaches how to use Android phones for daily work productivity and covers all the basics of the Android smartphone environment, from choosing an Android phone to managing email, locating specialized apps for different professions, and using it to collaborate with coworkers.
"We built the CNN App with these desires specifically in mind, and are excited to offer the millions of Android phone users around the world with access to CNN's global reporting."
More than a third of 25-34 year old smartphone owners use an Android phone, and a quarter (of retired people who own a smartphone use an Android phone.
ARE YOU planning to buy a new android phone? You don't have to shell out a fortune for it as many mobile companies are coming up with cheap versions of android phones, giving tough competition to smart counterparts.
Fast forward to 2018 and nearly every Android phone in the market boasts of face unlock.