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Synonyms for android


Synonyms for android

an automaton that resembles a human being

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HERCULEAN TASK Nokia has suffered most in recent years in the United States, where operators have spurned its offerings in favour of the iPhone and popular Android models such as the Motorola Droid.
The service is now available for iPhone, while applications for Android models are expected soon.
The Android system represented 30% of global tablet shipments in this year's second quarter, with a variety of Android models distributed across multiple countries by multiple brands such as Samsung, Acer, Asus and Motorola.
Verizon will be launching its iPhone 4 into a market crowded with smartphones, not only iPhones on rival networks, but also popular Android models.
Sprint users have to be a little more patient or settle for one of last year's three android models. The HTC A9292 is still vaporware despite being on the "leaked" Sprint roadmap for 2010.
The USB-C port would have been groundbreaking because not only would it charge iOS smartphones faster, but it would also elevate Apple's chances of competing with Android models. 
Portable Foldable Smartphone Screen Magnifier with Stand and Holder - Perfect for iPhones and Most Android Models
If you use an iPhone and some other Android models of phones and tablets, you'll need to ditch your current case and wrap them in what could be a bulkier receiver that is compatible with either the Qi technology or the one endorsed by the power alliance.
The beacons use Bluetooth low energy technology (BlE) that transmit signals that can be received by iPhone IOS 7 and later software and newer Android models.
Growth was driven by strong demand for Android models across all price-tiers in developed and developing markets, such as the US, China and Brazil.
Scott Bicheno, analyst at Strategy Analytics, said the latest trends showed "the worldwide smartphone industry has effectively become a duopoly as consumer demand has polarized around mass-market Android models and premium Apple designs."
with demand for inexpensive Android models driving the majority of
Heavier is not the right direction for tablets, and this bucks the trend of competing Android models, which keep shaving weight off of their previous heights of 1.5-plus-pound.
They have projected sales of the biggest challenger against Apple's iPad to exceed 2.5 million units this year, and continue to grow to eat into the share controlled by other Android models in the years to come.