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Synonyms for android


Synonyms for android

an automaton that resembles a human being

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Android TV Enjoy your favourite Android apps Image Credit: Supplied
That said, of all its competition, Google's Android TV is the most open and unbiased platform.
Smart TVs with Android TV OS will also undoubtedly contribute to the spread of Android ransomware, which has already been persistently targeting Android devices for a number of years.
ESET said smart TVs with Android TV OS will also undoubtedly
TCL's C2 Android TV delivers an enhanced viewing experience with its HDR Pro, Wide Color Gamut (WCG) 4K UHD and Micro Dimming technologies.
Furthermore, the paper will look at the difference in effort and complexity for Android TV and AOSP (Android Open Source Project) based on compliance with CDD (compatibility definition document), providing insight into the commercial impact of each variant for an operator, and the overall benefits versus trade-offs.
SODIC sees TV services as a key element to help drive customer experience, and therefore sought a platform capable of supporting Android TV in addition to traditional STBs and mobile/PC devices.
A new line of OLED Android TV smart UHD TVs under Skyworth and Toshiba was recently revealed.
This deal extends EPIX's reach to customers and further grows its presence across mobile devices, streaming devices, game consoles, and smart TV's including Xbox, PlayStation, Android phones and tablets, Roku players, Chromecast, Apple iPhones and iPads, Android TV and more.
To support the trend, the company also offers hire Android TV application developer model for the companies who wants to develop smart TV applications.
"While some hotels offer access to Netflix through their TV system, you either have to clear your account data before you leave, or trust that someone else is going to do it." This concern, King added, is not relevant to the Apple or Android TV model.
IAN COOPER | Brian Thompson from Cut Price Tomo TV's on Parliament Road with one of the Android TV boxes
TEHRAN (FNA)- The Nvidia Shield is an Android TV box, but it's much more than that.
Mi Box is based on Google's Android TV platform, which also runs on TVs from Sony and Sharp, among others.
The latest model in the XU series further enhances the user experience by supporting Android TV platform and is compatible with Netflix.