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Synonyms for android


Synonyms for android

an automaton that resembles a human being

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Landay said that the programs could run on phones with built-in accelerometers, such as the iPhone and the new Android G1, and that too without any need for external equipment.
Mobile Device Perspective (MDP) Provides 24x7 Monitoring on Leading Smartphones Including the Apple iPhone, Android G1, BlackBerry Curve and Nokia N95
The company plans to launch mobile applications for BlackBerry, iPhone and Android G1 at several attractive price points, ranging from $9.
lt;p>While Adobe has demonstrated Flash Player 10 on the Android G1, at MWC it will also show it running on Nokia S60 and Windows Mobile phones.
BOSTON -- Common Voices, a leader in IP voicemail systems, announces the immediate availability of enhanced voicemail for Android G1 phones using the T-Mobile[R] network.
com/) very first application is one of only 12 featured programs for the revolutionary Android G1 phone - the new collaboration between Google and T-Mobile.