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one having both male and female sexual characteristics and organs

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De plus, dans le cinema marocain, le scope semantique du terme androgyne, en tant qu'intergenre, ne subsume pas les homosexuels ni les lesbiennes ni les bisexuels.
44) For Philo, the first story of Gen 1 tells of an entirely spiritual being, a 'singular unbodied Adam-creature', whose designation as both male and female really means a primal androgyne of no sex.
Par contre, je m'interessais aux individus qui atteignaient des scores eleves dans les deux genres, qu'elles designaient sous l'appellation d'<< androgynes psychologiques >>.
Wendy Doniger O'Flaherty, Women, Androgynes, and Other Mythical Beasts, U Chicago P, Chicago, 1980.
There is evidence from psychology, reviewed by Sastry (1990), between mental well-being and such integrated androgynes, especially women.
Whereas many Romantic and Classical writers were primarily concerned with androgynes who are ultimately revealed as female, and whose weaknesses therefore reflected poorly upon women (in a rather mysogynistic subtext), there is a strong line of more or less anxious treatments of male androgyny produced in the wake of Winckelmann's homoerotic writing.
In their original form, the Androgynes are specifically precluded from carnal union.
Let the auteurists note: Creatures whom others might call ungodly--wolves, vampires, androgynes, the Butcher Boy--have repeatedly been given voice in Jordan's films.
Viewers were surrounded by a six-channel video in which groups of androgynes costumed in Jurassic Park T-shirts, Day-Glo sportswear, and various forms of female drag wander a "disaster center" worrying about where to shit, where to get drugs, and who pissed in the liquor bottle.
I would like to test the hypothesis that all of us called to celibacy are androgynes deep in our hearts.
If Aubrey Beardsley came to town for the holidays, he'd probably be captivated by Oz's gorgeously wayward show, with its sinuous androgynes (Mozes and Sebastian Dickins) on the trapeze and its winsome physical comedians who defy convention and gravity.
which deal with the protean nature of desire, though neither mentions Aristophanic androgynes.
When members of the seminar submitted their final projects, I found that, as I had expected, most chose to organize their anthologies around character types (manipulators, children, pregnant women, mothers, grandparents, androgynes and biracial characters) and recurring themes (inheritance, illegitimacy, acquisition, the meeting of North and South, incest and miscegenation).
Its emergence over the past decade is the result of the demands of people of widely varying identities, among them self-identified transsexuals, transvestites, drag queens and drag kings, passing and bearded women, fairies, androgynes and intersexuals.
The others (Kahn with poets Eileen Myles and Amy Gerstler) are grossly sunburned, gnomish androgynes.