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one having both male and female sexual characteristics and organs

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MacDonald, 'Corinthian Veils and Gnostic Androgynes', in Images of the Feminine in Gnosticism ed.
"There is evidence from psychology, reviewed by Sastry (1990), between mental well-being and such integrated androgynes, especially women.
Whereas many Romantic and Classical writers were primarily concerned with androgynes who are ultimately revealed as female, and whose weaknesses therefore reflected poorly upon women (in a rather mysogynistic subtext), there is a strong line of more or less anxious treatments of male androgyny produced in the wake of Winckelmann's homoerotic writing.
Let the auteurists note: Creatures whom others might call ungodly--wolves, vampires, androgynes, the Butcher Boy--have repeatedly been given voice in Jordan's films.
It's femmes at 19.7 percent, followed by androgynes at 18.2 percent and butches at 12.5 percent.
If Aubrey Beardsley came to town for the holidays, he'd probably be captivated by Oz's gorgeously wayward show, with its sinuous androgynes (Mozes and Sebastian Dickins) on the trapeze and its winsome physical comedians who defy convention and gravity.
Its emergence over the past decade is the result of the demands of people of widely varying identities, among them self-identified transsexuals, transvestites, drag queens and drag kings, passing and bearded women, fairies, androgynes and intersexuals.
The others (Kahn with poets Eileen Myles and Amy Gerstler) are grossly sunburned, gnomish androgynes. They, too, work harmoniously and do not talk--whereas Lois, in I See You Man, 2008, does nothing but.
And if we go back even further, we find Plato imagining us all as androgynes at the outset, cleaved in half by a ruthless fate, condemned to seek our completion.
Wendy Doniger is the author of Women, Androgynes, and Other Beasts (Chicago) and co-editor of the forthcoming Off With Her Head!
In the mid-'70s, just as art historians were resuscitating forgotten artists like the Belgian Fernand Khnopff, who obsessively painted sphinxes and androgynes as well as photographed his sister in antique drag, Ontani -- in the midst of a profoundly personal rediscovery of androgynous imagery in Pre-Raphaelite and Symbolist art -- was photographing himself in exalted and Old Masterish poses that seemed to unlock his many doubles.
At the masked ball, in the labyrinth, there are anarchists, androgynes, misogynists and thugs.
As the play opens, the audience is greeted by a louche tableau of opium-smoking androgynes lounging by a lily-covered pond, on a stage covered in printed cloth and lit by a multitude of hanging lamps.