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one having both male and female sexual characteristics and organs

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De plus, dans le cinema marocain, le scope semantique du terme androgyne, en tant qu'intergenre, ne subsume pas les homosexuels ni les lesbiennes ni les bisexuels.
In this context, it perhaps comes as little surprise that the iconoclastic James Joyce should choose to fashion his anti-hero Leopold Bloom as a more feminized, although not fully feminine, man: a male androgyne, a modern comic version of the ancient manly and heroic Ulysses.
Although monks voluntarily detach themselves from sexual pursuits and choose not to marry, they are far from being no more than institutionalized androgynes, and Benedict would not have considered them as such.
for transfags, androgynes, genderfuckers, fagdykes, persons with male and female physical characteristics, gender adventurers, anyone who wants to explore multiple sides to gender or gender fluidity and who questions the traditional bipolar gender model.
I would like to test the hypothesis that all of us called to celibacy are androgynes deep in our hearts.
There were androgynes, but androgyny--in popular culture--registered as gender-bending not gender-blending.
Through four chapters devoted to what she claims to be McCullers's four major novels, The Heart Is a Lonely Hunter, The Member of the Wedding, Reflections in a Golden Eye, and The Ballad of the Sad Cafe, Gleeson-White explores four categories of strange bodies: freakish female adolescents, queer grotesques, masked performers or transsexuals, and androgynes or hybrids.
163) De ce code, la petite histoire a notamment retenu que les androgynes y faisaient l'objet d'une section distincte.
There is evidence from psychology, reviewed by Sastry (1990), between mental well-being and such integrated androgynes, especially women.