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showing characteristics of both sexes

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Deppermann (126): "Der 'neue Mensch' wird von Nietzsche ganz offensichtlich androgyn konnotiert."
Some men are perceived as femme and some women are perceived as butch no matter how hard they try to conform." (8) Having spent seven years with my partner, Melanie, and hearing her called "sir" more often than "ma'am," makes me believe, like Walker, that there is something we can call "butchness." Certainly Melanie is not totally butch by many standards; if anything, she is somewhat androgyn ous.
The formation of the female genital tract "occurs essentially without hormonal differentiation," [from the mother] whereas the orderly development of male anatomical characteristics, including the modification in males of the hypothalamic region of the brain, which controls the function of the pituitary gland, depends on the excretion of androgyns by the male embryo and fetus.