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a potent androgenic hormone produced chiefly by the testes

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A federal jury in Chicago has ruled that United States-based AbbVie committed fraud in its marketing of AndroGel, its testosterone replacement therapy drug, it was reported yesterday.
between 2009 and 2013 were topical preparations such as Androgel, itself the best-selling testosterone product in the United States.
The FTC filed suit against Solvay on January 29, 2009, alleging that the settlement allowed Solvay to maintain a monopoly with its AndroGel drug since its patent might be found invalid.
33) In Actavis, Watson Pharmaceuticals and Paddock Laboratories had both filed ANDAs to market a generic version of Solvay's testosterone gel product AndroGel, and both included a paragraph IV certification.
197) Under the agreement, Watson would not market generic versions of AndroGel until August 31, 2015, unless another manufacturer did so before then.
Abbott (now AbbVie), which markets the bestselling Androgel, spent $20.
The high court dedared that the FTC could move forward with its antitrust lawsuit against Actavis, Solvay Pharmaceuticals, and others for participating in a legal settlement that delayed the introduction of generic products competing with AndroGel (testosterone gel) 1.
The testosterone-boosting treatment AndroGel rose 41 percent to $364 million in the fourth quarter as the company increased television advertisements for the medicine.
Testosterone gels that are rubbed into the skin on a daily basis, such as AndroGel or Testim, are another option for replacement therapy.
Solvay's other top-selling drugs include the Parkinson's disease treatment Duodopa and hormone therapy drugs AndroGel and Duphaston.
New labeling on two prescription topical testosterone gels, Androgel and Testim, will highlight the risk of adverse effects in children exposed to these products.
Principio ativo Nome comercial (BR) Nome comercial exterior Cipianato de Deposteron Andryl; Ardoene; Testosterona Delastetryl; Duratestos- Testosterona Androgel terone; Ruathate; Enarmon-depot; Esteres de Durateston;Estrandon Everone; Malogen; testosterona Primoteston Depot; Testosterona Trinestril Tesone; Testanate; Testaval; associada Testosteron Propionato de Tesurene depot; Testoviron- depot testosterona Testosteron -Depot; Texto-Enant.
Testosterone: In a Society-funded phase I trial at UCLA, results showed that AndroGel (testosterone gel applied to the skin) significantly improved cognitive function and slowed brain tissue loss in 10 men with relapsing-remitting MS.
The society also noted that researchers from the University of California, Los Angeles reported that administering Androgel (testosterone gel applied to the skin) to 10 men with relapsing-remitting MS significantly improved cognitive function and slowed brain tissue loss.
and Laboratories Besins Iscovesco on outstanding patent litigation related to AndroGel 1% (testosterone gel) CIII, a topical testosterone replacement gel.