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cynipid gall wasps, chiefly affecting oaks

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Out of Anatolia: longitudinal gradients in genetic divesity support an eastern origin for a circum-Mediterranean oak gallwasp Andricus quercustozae.
The phylogeographical clade trade: tracing the impact of human-mediated dispersal on the colonization of northern Europe by the oak gallwasp Andricus kollari.
Gall-inducing hosts for the studied inquiline species are as follows (Eady and Quinlan 1963; Ritchie and Shorthouse 1987): Synergus crassicornis, Andricus fecundatrix; Ceroptres arator, Andricus quercusradicis and Andricus kollari; Periclistus brandtii, Diplolepis rosae; Synophromorpha terricola, Diastrophus bassetti and Diastrophus radicum.
In Neuroterus numismalis only the agamic generation was studied, in Biorhiza pallida only the sexual generation and in Andricus quercusradicis both generations.
The analysis indicates that the oak gall wasps in the tribe Cynipini, here represented by Andricus, Neuroterus, and Biorhiza, form a monophyletic group and that they are closely related to Diplolepis, the rose gall wasps.
This was done by using the branch-and-bound algorithm of PAUP and keeping only trees satisfying the constraint that Periclistus + Diplolepis, Synophromorpha + Diastrophus and Synergus + Ceroptres + Andricus + Neuroterus + Biorhiza appeared as monophyletic groups.
This situation cannot occur later, since Andricus quercuslaurina is never found at the ends of the galls.
Pre-imaginal stages of Synergus filicornis were obtained from the ends of the galls of Andricus quercuslaurina, collected from branches of Quercus laurina in Mexico (State of Hidalgo, Acaxochitlan township, La Victoria, [N 20[degrees] 10'16" and W 98[degrees] 11'25"], 2,120 m asl.
For example, Hails and Crawley (1992) analyzed mortality of Andricus quercuscalicis (a gall-forming wasp) at spatial scales between individual male turkey oak (Quercus cerris) inflorescences and adult trees.
Spatial density dependence in populations of a cynipid gall-former Andricus quercus-calicis.
Three other genera, Andricus Hartig, Acraspis Mayr and Cynips L.
ficigera, however, Andricus virens (Ashmead) was not included into his catalogue under any name.
succinipes into the newly established Disholcaspis; however, Andricus virens was left in Andricus, re-named as Andricus quercusvirens (Ashmead).
Melika & Abrahamson (2002) also erroneously transferred 3 Andricus species into this group: A.