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Synonyms for Andricus

cynipid gall wasps, chiefly affecting oaks

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The insects had been reared from galls of Andricus quercuslaurinus Melika & PujadeVillar (Cynipidae: Cynipini) recently described from Mexico as a serious pest on Quercus laurina Humb.
This situation cannot occur later, since Andricus quercuslaurina is never found at the ends of the galls.
Pre-imaginal stages of Synergus filicornis were obtained from the ends of the galls of Andricus quercuslaurina, collected from branches of Quercus laurina in Mexico (State of Hidalgo, Acaxochitlan township, La Victoria, [N 20[degrees] 10'16" and W 98[degrees] 11'25"], 2,120 m asl.
Three other genera, Andricus Hartig, Acraspis Mayr and Cynips L.
ficigera, however, Andricus virens (Ashmead) was not included into his catalogue under any name.