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(New Testament) disciple of Jesus

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Anders Borg said: "I believe Andrey is, at least, as good as Novak Djokovic was at his age.
The Andrey and Julia Dashin's Foundation is a charitable organization established in May 2014 by Andrey and Julia Dashin, with the aim to tackle local needs by supporting various communal charity projects, as well as organizing its own charity initiatives and events.
Andrey Avestisyan, Regional Representative of UNODC for Afghanistan and neighboring countries appreciated the efforts of NAB for eradication of corruption from Pakistan.
The meeting was attended by Karlov, Kazakh Ambassador Zhanseit Tuimebayev, Belarussian Ambassador Andrey Savynykh ang Kyrgyz Ambassador ybrahim Dzhunosov at Russian Embassy in Ankara.
Jeremy and Andrey have been appointed members of the Group's Management Board.
In an onstage conversation with Cycling Anti-Doping Foundation director Francesca Rossi and Andrey Kashechkin, former professional cyclist, he explained that the pressures to win come not only from an athlete's competitive nature but also from the enterprises that provide sponsorship, the financial problems they encounter, and the health of the athlete.
Through the legal letter drafted by her lawyer Singer, Kim has called Andrey "a swindling convict and a liar," the Web site reports adding that Kim even reveals that she has not written any email to Andrey as he has claimed earlier.
The Chief of Staff reviewed with Colonel Andrey Bodredinov bilateral friendly relations and ways to enhance them, praising the advanced level of joint cooperation.
Elena Baranova was appointed as Director of Engineering, and Andrey Medarev was named Sales Director.
ISLAMABAD -- Honorary consul of Russian Federation, Habib Ahmad while hailing services of outgoing Russian Ambassador Andrey S.
Metropolitan Andrey Sheptytsky was born in 1865 as Roman Aleksander Maria Count Szeptycki to a Polonized, Roman Catholic, French-speaking Ukrainian family in Galicia.
Andrey Shabalin has over fifteen years of experience in dealing with arms control, non-proliferation and global security issues.
The return of talismanic centre forward Andrey Arshavin will bolster a squad that already contains the highly-coveted duo of Axel Witsel and Hulk and a renewed title challenge is on the cards.
Representatives of Russian companies expressed interest in cooperation with Kyrgyz enterprises on April 24 during the meeting between adviser to the Minister of Economy of Kyrgyzstan Aidai Kurmanova, First Deputy Minister of Economic Development of Chelyabinsk region of Russia Igor Lashmanov, Deputy Head of Department for International and Interregional Relations of Altai territory Andrey Konyaev and vice commercial representative of Russia Mariya Afanasova.
A would-be hitman said he was offered PS660,000 to kill former Bank of Moscow president Andrey Borodin, 45, who fled to the UK two years ago with wife Tatiana.