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United States naturalist who contributed to paleontology and geology (1884-1960)

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Was it you," demanded young Andrews, in a puzzled tone, "or your brother who tried to knife me?
Young Andrews swung his swivel chair so that, over his shoulder, he could see Mr.
A kindly eyed, sad woman with a basket on her knee smiled upon Andrews with the familiarity of an old acquaintance.
That son of yours," repeated young Andrews, "is a leech.
Young Andrews flung up his hands and appealed to Thorndike.
Andrews, from the depth of his wisdom, "are all like that; your mother, my mother.
I told Captain Hunt at one of our assemblies this winter that if he was to tease me all night, I would not dance with him, unless he would allow Miss Andrews to be as beautiful as an angel.
I know you very well; you have so much animation, which is exactly what Miss Andrews wants, for I must confess there is something amazingly insipid about her.
I remember Miss Andrews could not get through the first volume.
Harmon Andrews told me when I came home that I wouldn't likely find married life as much better than teaching as I expected.
Harmon Andrews insisted that their `phone should be put in their kitchen just so that she could listen whenever it rang and keep an eye on the dinner at the same time.
Harmon Andrews can't say to you what she said to me when I came home from Summerside, `Well, Anne, you're just about as skinny as ever.
His companion Andrews was little more than a boy, frank-faced and cheerful, with the breezy manner of one who is out for a holiday and means to enjoy every minute of it.
Here three men were waiting, with whom Lawler and Andrews held a short, eager conversation.
There was no answer; but the lad Andrews stepped forward and shot him in the stomach.