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(New Testament) disciple of Jesus

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(68) Busolt 1904:3.1491; Gomme, Andrewes & Dover 1981:289.
Then we're in Yorkshire in 1586, and the young Lancelot Andrewes, as the Queen's Chaplain, is visiting a church where there are suggestions the faithful have still not given up their "Pope-ish" ways.
We know little of their private meetings (at which they read their translations aloud to each other, awaiting comments), but my guess is that Andrewes was the most accomplished committee chairman in history.
There's some confusion here, for three years earlier a Georgius Twedell and Margaretae Andrewe were wed on December 8, Almondbury in 1557.
To modern readers the wearing of surplice is a small thing, but this simple act angered Puritans and was held by bishops like Andrewes has no basis in scripture and is based purely on tradition.
Although clerics such as Bishop Lancelot Andrewes, who died in 1626, provided much of the intellectual leadership, there had always been a lay following.
Who wrote the life of Francis Bacon, for example, or Lancelot Andrewes? The life of John Williams, Thomas Fuller, Matthew Hale, or Dudley North?
This complexity is in evidence from chapter 1, which locates the source of the Laudian movement in the Arminian theology and ceremonialist piety of Lancelot Andrewes and his followers.
Chapter 3 deals with christological preaching on the Old Testament while chapter 4 discusses Lancelot Andrewes (1555-1626), the best example of the preacher as traditional artist, in her judgment.
Moving deftly from history to play, he interweaves reports of important events, like Lancelot Andrewes's Richmond Palace sermon on the expedition to Ireland and Essex and Elizabeth's bedchamber confrontation, with complementary scenes, themes and lines from Shakespearean works that may have been in process during this year: Henry V, All's Well That End's Well and Hamlet.
Certainly, although Totaro seems to have been assiduous in her researches, there are huge swathes of sixteenth- and seventeenth-century literature that do not rate a mention here: Marlowe and Sidney, for instance, or any of that great body of seventeenth-century science writers who followed in Bacon's wake such as Watkins, Boyle, and Hooke, not to mention religious writers from Lancelot Andrewes to Francis Godwin.
The day before Lady Day in 1611 Bishop Lancelot Andrewes delivered a sermon before James I 'On the 24.
Eliot revealed in 1928 that the viewpoint of his forthcoming work would be "classicist in literature, royalist in politics, anglo-catholic in religion," (Andrewes ix) many critics were not amused.
Rev Ben Andrewes will lead the memorial service, which will take place besides the newly-laid plaque to all civilian victims of World War II and subsequent conflicts.
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