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United States financier and philanthropist (1855-1937)

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Andrew Mellon, executive vice president, treasurer and chief financial officer, received $250,000 in salary, plus $83,159 in option awards.
Petersburg) late at night with Andrew Mellon and others, and sell them anything," Sir Richard said.
So when Calvin Coolidge came in, his strategy with Treasury Secretary Andrew Mellon was to cut taxes and cut spending.
Over summer, I read a biography of Andrew Mellon by David Cannadine.
The US Treasury secretary in the Great Depression was also a titan of finance, Andrew Mellon.
America's Treasury Secretary in the Great Depression was also a titan of finance, Andrew Mellon.
But as the sensible-drinking son of Andrew Mellon, whose fortune ranked alongside that of Ford and Rockefeller, Paul Mellon was not interested in the cash or the liqueur.
This scapegoating polarized the country, extended the depression, and made casualties of former treasury secretary Andrew Mellon and utilities magnate Samuel Insull, among others.
As an Andrew Mellon scholar at Spelman, Morgan worked with a faculty member whose background was in operations research.
Goals from Andrew Mellon and James Harris for New Brighton Youth were not enough to move them up the league, losing out to Heswall Youth 4-2.
Meanwhile, Indiana University recently received a $518,000 grant from the Andrew Mellon Foundation to develop and study ePortfolio software.
This won't produce another Andrew Mellon, the mighty Treasury chief in the 1920s, or even a new James Baker.
Harding's Treasury Secretary, Andrew Mellon, said the estate tax must be cut or it would end the concept of private property, within a couple of generations.