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English poet (1621-1678)


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"Borders and Transitions in Marvell's Poetry." The Cambridge Companion to Andrew Marvell. Ed.
Audible Inc., the world's largest seller of downloadable audiobooks, is offering a 30-minute collection of some the most beloved love poems narrated by actor Richard Armitage including ''Sonnet 116'' by William Shakespeare and Andrew Marvell's ''To His Coy Mistress.''
Andrew Marvell, author of the famous seduction poem To his Coy Mistress, described him as "the only man in England that had the true vein of satire" while Voltaire troubled himself to translate some of his lines and called him "the man of genius, the great poet."
The Poet's Time: Politics and Religion in the Work of Andrew Marvell. Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1983.
Chapter One (or "Space")--"'The discription of the worlde': Military, Horticultural, and Technical Illustration and Andrew Marvell's Gardens"--investigates the visual confluence of early modern horticultural and tactical diagrams and locates in their rhetoric two distinct coding orientations ("analytical" and "naturalistic").
She finds proof of her images' capacity to migrate in their verbal reflections in the work of Andrew Marvell, John Milton, and Aphra Behn.
This process is too elaborate and delicate to reproduce here, but the result is often both an astute understanding of a particular poem and a useful sketch of a broadly applicable poetic principle, as when his reading of Andrew Marvell's "The Garden" leads him to conclude that "the language feels inexplicably complex by virtue of its restraint, by virtue of implications the language raises but does not acknowledge having raised." For the reader intent on growing as a poet, such insights offer accessible yet admirable models for imitation.
English and gender studies scholars from North America examine various literary texts, such as dramas, novels, and erotica, including Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet and The Comedy of Errors, Thomas Middleton and William Rowley's The Changeling, Middleton and Thomas Dekker's The Roaring Girl, Thomas Nash's "Choice of Valentines," John Marston's Metamorphosis of Pigmalion's Image, John Donne's "Sappho to Philaenis," Andrew Marvell's "The Garden," Milton's Paradise Lost and Comus, John Ford's The Lover's Melancholy and Perkin Warbeck, representations of the figure Lucretia, and pornographic poetry, as well as the practice of chin chucking, to understand what might constitute sex in the absence of a widely-accepted definition.
Linking him to figures like Abelard (and Heloise), Tintoretto, and Andrew Marvell, Szentkuthy invests Casanova with a terrible grandeur, his austere indictment of sentimentality and the cult of reason flying in the face of the testimony of the Enlightenment.
Think in terms of reading her Andrew Marvell's Ode to his Coy Mistress - much sexier than mucky, rather sad pictures.
In this era, poets such as the featured John Donne, Andrew Marvell, George Herbert, Thomas Carew, and Henry Vaughan created a new form of verse: metaphysical poetry, which examined both closely held religious feelings and the pleasures of the body in a new light.
275: time's winged chariot- Andrew Marvell, "To His Coy Mistress" (1681)
Patterson gives surprisingly little attention to the sessions of 1673, agreeing instead with Andrew Marvell that the year 1675 marked a turning point as the Commons attempted to "take back the initiative" (172).
Many years later, Hollander had a chance to ask Chomsky what had influenced him when he was writing "colorless green." Chomsky denied any influences, and especially the connection to Andrew Marvell. "I would like to be able to claim that the example was suggested by Marvell's line but in fact, due to my ignorance, it was not," he wrote to Hollander, who now notes that Chomsky didn't have to read Andrew Marvell to get the connection.