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English poet (1621-1678)


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Destiny His Choice: The Loyalism of Andrew Marvell.
Linking him to figures like Abelard (and Heloise), Tintoretto, and Andrew Marvell, Szentkuthy invests Casanova with a terrible grandeur, his austere indictment of sentimentality and the cult of reason flying in the face of the testimony of the Enlightenment.
In this era, poets such as the featured John Donne, Andrew Marvell, George Herbert, Thomas Carew, and Henry Vaughan created a new form of verse: metaphysical poetry, which examined both closely held religious feelings and the pleasures of the body in a new light.
275: time's winged chariot- Andrew Marvell, "To His Coy Mistress" (1681)
Patterson gives surprisingly little attention to the sessions of 1673, agreeing instead with Andrew Marvell that the year 1675 marked a turning point as the Commons attempted to "take back the initiative" (172).
1) Quotations from Marvell's prose come from The Prose Works of Andrew Marvell.
I would like to be able to claim that the example was suggested by Marvell's line but in fact, due to my ignorance, it was not," he wrote to Hollander, who now notes that Chomsky didn't have to read Andrew Marvell to get the connection.
L'Estrange's justified fears of subversive scribal publications, in particular the potency of the polemical sting generated by the literary opposition centred around Andrew Marvell, is demonstrated in Martin Dzelzainis's re-contextualisation of a Bodleian manuscript (MS Gough 14) version of the satirical Directions to a Painter.
faces of six volunteers from the English department and six from the Science department who all read Bright Star by John Keats and To His Coy Mistress by Andrew Marvell.
With Professor Ellrodt's gracious permission, we reproduce Eliot's letter, followed by the imitations of John Donne, George Herbert, Henry Vaughan, John Milton, a Cavalier poet writing in a "metaphysical vein," and Andrew Marvell.
The Stuart court, of course, spawned varieties of royalism, and Malcolm Smuts expertly explores these, while Blair Worden looks at royalism in the writings of Andrew Marvell.
Equally interesting (and culturally fascinating) is Rosenblatt's chapter on the fiercely antagonistic book war between Andrew Marvell and Samuel Parker, in which the conservative Parker makes (unacknowledged) use of Selden's opinions on Christ as a Jewish zealot, a position infuriating to Marvell, who is ignorant of rabbinic traditions.
Wallace presents him as a conservative "loyalist" in Destiny His Choice: The Loyalism of Andrew Marvell (Cambridge: Cambridge UP, 1968), 106-40.
Tambien es un gran conocedor de las obras de Andrew Marvell y del singular Charles Lamb.
Ranging through Andrew Marvell, Ann Finch's 'Upon the Hurricane' (1703), James Thomson's The Seasons (1726-30), and culminating in Erasmus Darwin's The Botanic Garden (1791), the essay documents and anticipates changing sensibilities in a wide-ranging survey that reveals much on the poetics of scientific discovery.