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English physiologist who, with Alan Hodgkin, discovered the role of potassium and sodium ions in the transmission of the nerve impulse (born in 1917)

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A winning partnership, from the left; Graham Furber (Shropshire Disability coach), Shaun Rigby (captain), Besblock managing director Andrew Huxley, Callum Rigby, David Hassall (manager)
Cheesman's characterization of Bentham's influence on criminal law is an approach that resonates with the work of the late Professor Andrew Huxley. Chapter 3 turns to the post-independence era and considers the creeping use of policy and how courts became fused with the executive, particularly during the socialist regime.
Since then many scientists are working on unresolved aspects of this theory.[3] In 1973, Sir Andrew Huxley, himself addressed some unexplained issues of this theory.[4] The sliding filament theory was based on the observation that there are two separate sets of filament actin and myosin located differently with myosin filaments in A band, and on electron microscopy there are two interdigitating sets of filament and length of A band does not change during contraction.[1,2]
Longfin squid were used by Andrew Huxley and Alan Hodgkin in their groundbreaking study of the squid giant axon to reveal the ionic mechanism of action potentials, and continue to serve as a model organism in neurological research (Hodgkin & Huxley 1952).
Andrew HUXLEY, had passed away on May 30, 2012; the members rose from their seats in silence, expressing profound sense of grief.
Robin, whose practice is based at Cambo near Wallington, said: "Geoffrey and his friends Nigel Bicknell and Andrew Huxley persuaded Sir Charles to let them build the Great Wallington Railway in the West Wood.