Andrew Huxley

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English physiologist who, with Alan Hodgkin, discovered the role of potassium and sodium ions in the transmission of the nerve impulse (born in 1917)

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Recorder Peter Cooke told 35-year-old Andrew Huxley he had to pass a sentence to "protect the public" because of his "uncontrolled and cruel" violence in domestic sit-uations,.
front, l-r) Sir Denis Rooke, Sir Michael Atiyah, Baroness Thatcher, Rev Owen Chadwick, Duke of Edinburgh, Queen, Prince of Wales, Sir Andrew Huxley, Dame Joan Sutherland, Mr Lucian Freud, Lord Foster of Thames Bank
Andrew Huxley, the Nobel Prize-winning physiologist who discovered the sodium channel.
Murray Gell-Man, Sir Andrew Huxley, Mario Molina, and Sir Aaron Klug; as well as prominent scientific figures such as Edward O.
Front, from left: Industrial engineer Sir Denis Rooke, mathematician Sir Michael Atiyah, ex-PM Baroness Thatcher, theological historian Rev Owen Chadwick, Duke of Edinburgh, the Queen, Prince of Wales, physiologist Sir Andrew Huxley, soprano Dame Joan Sutherland, painter Lucian Freud, and architect Lord Foster of Thames Bank.