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United States landscape architect who designed the grounds of the White House and the Capitol Building (1815-1852)


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Outstanding performers of the year include Andrew Downing who achieved six A grades and three A stars.
uk Godiva Under-17 Andrew Downing also posted a new best of 1-57.
There were good runs as well from Under-17 Andrew Downing (800m 1-59.
Under-16 boys: 1 Andrew Downing (Cardinal Downing), 2 Tom Johnson (King Henry VIII), 3 Alistair Galt (King Henry VIII).
Unndder-17 mmenn: Andrew Donaldson, Andrew Downing, Jack Mee, Richard O'Donnell, William Stevens, Ed Stiles, Paul Thompson, Jelle Verwer.
WINNERS AND LOCAL CLUB PLACINGS: Under-17 men: 1 Joe Dalgleish (Westbury Harriers) 20-51; 25 Jack Betts (Rugby & Northampton AC) 22-50, 38 Andrew Downing (Coventry Godiva Harr) 23-20, 42 Robert Gardner (RN) 23-25, 345 Jack Mee (Leamington C&AC) 23-36, 62 Matthew Melia (Sphinx AC) 24-30, 66 Lee Norman (CG) 24-36, 68 Tom Delaney (Sph) 24-45, 74 Andy Ure (RN) 24-54, 76 Andrew Brown (RN) 25-11, 77 Tom Collins (RN) 25-23, 78 Connor Ratcliffe (RN) 25-26, 82 Stan Pinsent (RN) 25-53, 83 Jared Wilson (Nuneaton Harr) 25-54, 94 Richard Bowman (CG) 28-06, 97 Jonathon Brown (RN) 28-52.
With Andrew Downing taking the individual bronze medal and Dave Lee ninth, Lee Norman was the team's hero as he finished 10th and, crucially, two places in front of Birchfield's third scorer to clinch the gold with the two clubs tied on points.
The Under-15 trio of Matthew Rose (6-48), Daniel Hillman (6-42) and Nick Fellows (7-12) came in 24th, and in the Under-17s the Harriers team of Lee Norman (10- 52), Dave Lee (10-48) and Andrew Downing (10-15) were 58th.