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United States industrialist and philanthropist who endowed education and public libraries and research trusts (1835-1919)


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About Carnegie Corporation of New York Carnegie Corporation of New York was established in 1911 by Andrew Carnegie to promote the advancement and diffusion of knowledge and understanding.
Andrew Carnegie has this week stepped down from leading Glasgow's Needy, leaving his son in charge.
com/napoleon-hill to watch a film of Napoleon Hill explaing how Andrew Carnegie changed his life.
endowed by the industrial magnate Andrew Carnegie during his lifetime and the only one to bear his first name, has been a focal point for community arts and performance since it opened its doors 1901.
Quite apart from politics, literature and the arts, those luminaries include (among others): John Logie Baird, Alexander Graham Bell, Andrew Carnegie, James Dewar, John Boyd Dunlop, Alexander Fleming, James Gregory, Douglas Haig, David Hume, David Livingstone, John McAdam, Robert McAlpine, Charles Macintosh, Adam Smith, Robert Thomson, Robert Watson-Watt and James Watt.
Lister Drive library was built in 1905, funded by the wealthy industrialist and philanthropist Andrew Carnegie, who gifted it to the people of Tuebrook.
ANDREW Carnegie was a giant amongst men, He had a vision even way back then.
An inscription was found giving details of a donation for the organ dating back to 1908 from the Scots born US millionaire Andrew Carnegie.
Levenshulme Library, opened 100 years ago with cash from industrialist Andrew Carnegie, was set to be axed on June 29 despite a 24-hour sit-in protest.
His "Keeping History Alive" series brings historical figures such as Mark Twain, Andrew Carnegie, Clarence Darrow, John Barrymore, Ernest Hemingway and William Shakespeare back to life.
TODAY FEAST CLARE 1919: Philanthropic American industrialist Andrew Carnegie died.
The portrait of the city includes profiles of key figures such as the Lincoln family, Civil War generals, businessman Andrew Carnegie, and Civil War photographer Matthew Brady.
The Carnegie Medal was set up in 1936 in memory of Scottish-born philanthropist Andrew Carnegie and is awarded annually to the author of an outstanding book for children and young people.
industrialist Andrew Carnegie (1835-1919) established the Carnegie Steel Company in 1870s.