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Medina took immediate action to limit the damage by firing warden Andres Martinez, who was originally given the job despite a history of colluding with organized crime.
"We are an internetworking solutions provider," says Andres Martinez, director of business development in Miami.
La primera contribucion lleva por titulo El magisterio episcopal en el reinado de Alfonso xiii y corre a cargo de Andres Martinez Esteban que ya habia avanzado algo de este tema en su reciente monografia Aceptar el poder constituido.
after Newton, who had been the city-county bureau chief at the paper, took charge of the editorial page, following the abrupt departure of Andres Martinez. But he said he was not really responsible for the change, except in a roundabout way.
Baquet also responded to questions about the recent dust-up at the editorial page of the Los Angeles Times involving Andres Martinez and the decision to hand over the section to Hollywood producer Brian Grazer which was later pulled.
-- "I should have followed Dean out the door," said now-former Los Angeles times editorial page editor Andres Martinez. "I was nine-tenths of the way there." (New York Observer)
The so-called Grazer-gate at the Los Angeles Times, in which editorial page editor Andres Martinez resigned in the wake of a dispute over his choice of Hollywood producer Brian Grazer as a guest editor, has inspired news outlets nationwide to weigh in with assessments of the paper's future and criticism of both Martinez and Publisher David Hiller.
The selection of Hollywood producer Brian Grazer as the first such editor resulted in the resignation last week of Editorial Page Editor Andres Martinez amid debate over his connection to Grazer's publicist.