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(New Testament) disciple of Jesus

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You should be ashamed of yourself Franco," Andres said regarding the owner.
Andres is also mostly wordless, his expression kept as blank as possible, much like the Japanese Noh masks that appear in his earlier works.
The Project will upgrade the AV echnology and infrastructure of the Andres Bello Auditorium and the Andres Bello Breakout Room located on the 9th floor of the 1300 New York Avenue building in Northwest Washington DC.
r Recognizing that the marketplace has plenty of chefs with their own cookware collections, Andres wanted to wait until he found the right company with which to partner.
All 30-something professionals who have good reason to despair of where their lives have led them, they reminisce a little and try to convince Andres to stay on an extra day for a football match they know will never happen.
Kylie, 40, met Andres, who's 10 years her junior, in the autumn during a modelling job and they have become inseparable.
Brunori's copious notes provide bibliographic information not only about every recipient but also key figures mentioned in the body as well as publication cites of any texts referenced by Andres.
Andres sees Gaskell probing these boundaries in her title character by "portraying an outcast and a virtuous person in one" (45), and extending her critique to society.
Her scope of work at Andres Escobar & Associates comprises design coordination, code review and construction assistance in addition to office management and administration.
a crucial figure from his childhood in Vieques, whom Andres had once sworn to kill if he ever again crossed his path.
The European market drove these slow-speed shredders," says Patrick Andres, regional sales manager at Morbark, a Winn, Mich.
Pope's group focused on the Gulf Coast site of San Andres, which people occupied from about 7,000 until 2,000 years ago.
The approved specification has all the information needed for a complete NGIO fabric," Andres continued.
the leading provider of digital archiving solutions, today announced that its founder and chief technology officer (CTO), Andres Rodriguez, will be a featured panelist in a roundtable discussion entitled, "ILM - How Do We Do It?