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highly original and much imitated Italian architect (1508-1580)


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The awards are named after that most illustrious Vicenza-born celebrity, Andrea Palladio, whose concept of beauty brings to mind proportion and harmony, order and measure.
While Foster and Rogers enjoy global fame now, the reputation of Andrea Palladio (1508-1580) has survived, even grown, across the 500 years since his birth.
While architects have been making models since Andrea Palladio rose to prominence several centuries ago, the niche profession has grown up in the last few decades.
In the Doge's palace, the Church of San Sebastiano, the Villa Barbaro at Maser with the great architect Andrea Palladio, and churches and palaces all over the city, he extolled youth, beauty, and prodigious harvests in frescoes and oil paintings of enduring charm.
While viewing the excellent images, they will learn that American Colonial buildings were influenced by the Italian architect Andrea Palladio as well as ancient Rome.
The Teatro Olimpico was designed by Andrea Palladio in 1580, the year of his death.
He has obviously been influenced too by the work on Andrea Palladio and Leon Battista Alberti by his former Bath colleague Robert Tavernor, and also by John Onians' seminal book: Bearers of Meaning: The Classical Orders in Antiquity, the Middle Ages and the Renaissance.
The city has a wide open park and stunning World Heritage Site architecture designed by the late great Andrea Palladio, with his lavishly designed 16th century Olympic Theatre the oldest surviving enclosed theatre on the planet.
The Concession was designed to push the envelope in golf club design, to take it a notch higher, a bit more chic and cosmopolitan," says Vittadini, who envisioned a contemporary interpretation of the work of 15th-century architect Andrea Palladio.
David Wachman and Wayne Lordan also struck for a second time through Andrea Palladio, who took the 6f handicap by two lengths from the favourite Cnocan Gold despite hanging in the final furlong.
The Perfect House: The Life and Work of Andrea Palladio
Centre Internazionale di Studi di Architettura Andrea Palladio, Vicenza.
ANDREA PALLADIO IS THE MOST famous architect the world has never known.
This carefully researched, thoughtfully organized work suggests that the renovatio urbis of Venice, a term usually associated with the splendor promulgated by the sixteenth-century Doge Andrea Gritti and expressed first by Jacopo Sansovino and then Andrea Palladio, began in spirit and in stone in the preceding century.