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highly original and much imitated Italian architect (1508-1580)


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Organized by ALA-Assoarchitetti, the Italian association for professional architects, Dedalo Minosse's Andrea Palladio International Prize is given to an architect's client who has distinguished himself through his work in the last 20 years.
Set on a low hill and carved out of marble it is one of architect Andrea Palladio's most celebrated creations.
This rigorous study focuses on how humanist Daniele Barbaro and architect Andrea Palladio projected Vitruvian principles onto the Venetian cityscape as they produced their own influential works of architectural theory.
The latest jewel in its crown comes from being nominated for the Andrea Palladio International Jewellery Awards ( APIJA) instituted by the Fiera di Vicenza.
The title says it all--"the art of effortless mastery," or "50 ways Italian genius shaped the world." A brilliant and engaging compilation of essays regarding the contributions of 50 Italians (some expected, some rather unexpected, including Christopher Columbus, Andrea Palladio, and Claudio Monteverdi) to the creation and development of everything from electricity to ballet, political theory, automobiles, dictatorship, and music.
In what is probably the masterpiece of the exhibition, the large-scale view of the Bacino di San Marco (or inner harbor of the city), he rendered the spars and rigging of each boat with consummate precision, yet turned the church of San Giorgio Maggiore so viewers could see its magnificent front, designed by Andrea Palladio, face on.
Notably, Andrea Palladio had once spent some time in the village on commission to construct the Villa Sarego or Santa Sofia (c.
Yet another shared fascination between mother and son is the classical architecture of Andrea Palladio. This past fall, Pat and Don did a tour of the Veneto region of Italy, reveling in the many villas designed by him.
Ireland Tony O'Hehir Andrea Palladio (2.45 Navan) Won well over the trip at Cork 13 days ago.
Five centuries on from his birth, the genius of Andrea Palladio still enthralls.
Documentary exploring the 17 surviving villas designed by legendary architect Andrea Palladio.
Giacomo Leoni also produced a magnificent version, in French, Italian, and English, of Andrea Palladio's Quattro libri dell'architettura (1716-20).
Now in a newly updated and expanded second edition, "Andrea Palladio: The Architect in His Time" looks at the man who revolutionized western architecture during his long life in the sixteenth century (he was a master of the arts and a true Renaissance man).
While architects have been making models since Andrea Palladio rose to prominence several centuries ago, the niche profession has grown up in the last few decades.