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Italian painter and engraver noted for his frescoes (1431-1506)


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1459-60, Andrea Mantegna (c, 1431-1506), tempera on panel, 68x30cm.
Sumptuously embroidered edgings of Mary and Christ's garments show the strong appeal of imported and elaborately floral textile designs, as in Gentile da Fabriano's work mentioned above and in Judith with the Head of Holofernes (possibly by Andrea Mantegna (c.
From the 13th through 15th centuries, some of Italy's greatest panel and fresco painters, such as Pisanello (1395-1455) and Andrea Mantegna (c.
Though less graphic than the late 15th-century painting of the same title by Andrea Mantegna, which Wiley is emulating, Wiley's Christ comes with current statistics: the obscenely high homicide rate for young African-American men.
Chapters 1 and 2 deal with Giovanni Bellini's early training, beginning with an overview of his father's career and his encounrers with the art of Andrea Mantegna and Northern European painters.
In the Lessico section of the same chapter, Rafaello's Piccola Madonna Cowper is accompanied by a brief discussion of the maternal figure in Italian culture and a mention of the phenomena of "mammismo." 'Leggiamo!' focuses on Andrea Mantegna's memorable fresco of the Gonzaga family in the Camera degli Sposi with captions and supplemental information describing the members represented.
Finally, there were four posters, three of them taken from Andrea Mantegna's frescoes for the Camera degli Sposi in the Castle of San Giorgio in Mantua, along with one of a painting by Victor Dumont that inspired the wallpaper decoration of the Galerie Louis XIV in Paris.
His drawings after Andrea Mantegna and Antonio Pollaiuolo reflected his appreciation of Italian painting, which at its peak was guided by knowledge of geometry and proportion.
Currin may be able to paint a send-up of Andrea Mantegna's Dead Christ suitable for the nose-cone of a B-17 (Nude on a Table [2001]), but is he really following in the tradition of the masters?
Venetian Painting In the Fifteenth Century: Jacopo, Gentile, Giovanni Bellini and Andrea Mantegna (Brepols, Euro 110) by Otto Paecht is a collection of scholarly lectures, translated into English by Fiona Elliot.
A painting like Andrea Mantegna's Camera Picta emphasises the horse, with the people with it unnamed.
The star lot at the recent Old Master paintings sale at Sotheby's New York was "Descent into Limbo" by Italian Renaissance master Andrea Mantegna (ca.
Originally part of an altarpiece painted by Carlo Crivelli, a Venetian influenced by Andrea Mantegna, the tempera panel depicts the saint herself standing in a stone niche, her right foot projecting over the edge.
Jacopo, a Venetian, was the father of Gentile and Giovanni and the father-in-law of Andrea Mantegna. His work is a bridge between the late Gothic and the early Renaissance styles, for which his sons were well known.