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French writer best known for his biographies (1885-1967)

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(14) Andre Maurois, "Biography as a Work of Art," in Oates, Biography, 7.
They were by Agatha Christie (The Mysterious Affair at Styles), Susan Ertz, Ernest Hemingway (A Farewell to Arms), Eric Linklater, Compton Mackenzie, Andre Maurois (Ariel), Beverley Nichols, Dorothy L.
Andre Maurois once said, "If you create an act, you create a habit.
6: Colonel Bramble- in Andre Maurois' novel The Silence of Colonel Bramble (1918)
Lewis Macondo George Macdonald Maple White Land Gabriel Garcia Marquez Noble's Isle Andre Maurois Oldwivesfabledom Herman Melville Pellucidar Sir Thomas More Penguin Island William Morris Phantastico Plato Philistia Pliny the Elder Protocosmo Edgar Allan Poe Satinland Francois Rabelais Shangri-La Sir Walter Raleigh Standard Island Salman Rushdie Titipu Robert Louis Stevenson Upmeads Jonathan Swift Utopia Alfred, Lord Tennyson Vanity Fair J.
For example, the argument waged among Percy Bysshe Shelley's widow and surviving friends over who should possess the drowned poet's heart became reiterated, Lee shows, in the contesting versions of this debate among Shelley's various biographers (including Edward Trelawney, Andre Maurois, and Richard Holmes), each of whom staked a claim to owning "the heart," or true meaning, of Shelley's life.
The great French biographer Andre Maurois thought so when he wrote, "Kind words, wit, intelligence can improve the worst features." For inward beauty does shine through a person.
The French novelist Andre Maurois put the blame on the Middle Ages for the "two worst inventions of humanity." gunpowder and romantic love, the later (and most explosive) of which served to bring romance and marriage together.
Por su parte, Maria Losada Friend, partiendo de la importancia que Andre Maurois y Virginia Woolf, entre otros autores, conceden a la biografia como obra artistica, lleva a cabo en "Pasion por el maestro: el James Joyce de Edna O'Brien" un fascinante analisis de la vision que da de Joyce, en la biografia a el dedicada, la escritora irlandesa, quien integra magistralmente la vida y la obra del maestro con la suya propia en una "biografia casi novelistica del autor" (109).
She's admired but not much liked by her latest biographer, Elizabeth Harlan, a novelist herself (Footfalls), whose GEORGE SAND (Yale, $35) is an immense improvement on, say, Andre Maurois's, if only because it is more about George (nee Aurore Dupin), and her grandmother, Marie-Aurore, and her mother, Sophie, and her daughter, the conniving and crazy Solange, than it is about Musset, Chopin, Balzac, or Flaubert.
As Andre Maurois observed, Napoleon "believed in equality and did not believe in liberty." Horne makes a convincing case that Napoleon was not a revolutionary, but an enlightenment opportunist with a technocratic and authoritarian bent.