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French author and dramatist who is regarded as the father of modern French literature (1869-1951)

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As one critic scathingly wrote, Andre Gide "lived dangerously under three layers of flannel vests" (qtd.
Andre Gide, l'insaisissable protee: etude critique de l'oeuvre d'Andre Gide.
Out of hundred philosophers and legendary people, a few are: William Shakespeare, Newton, Andre Gide, Martin better king, Jean Paul Richter, Socrates, Seneca, John Lubbock, Arthur, Albert Einstein, Charles Dickens, Edward Grey, Home, Margaret Atwood, Jim, Mac Tse Tung, Kristin Hunter, Jane Wagner, Charles Dickens, John Sterling, Eric Hoffer, Peter Cook, Jack Handey, Thomas Carlyle and many others.
As prominent French author Andre Gide once noted: "Man cannot discover new oceans unless he has the courage to lose sight of the shore."
The killers, both child prodigies who graduated from the University of Chicago while in their teens, had absorbed their moral detachment from famous books: Crime and Punishment, where Raskolnikov philosophically justifies his murder of an old woman; Lafcadio's Adventures, the Andre Gide novel that introduced the world to the idea of the acte gratuit, the motiveless crime; above all, the works of Nietzsche, which taught Leopold and Loeb that the superior man, the Abermensch, was not bound by conventional morality.
Si son oeuvre a permis a Andre Gide d'affirmer ses penchants homosexuels, notamment a travers Corydon (1) ou encore Et nunc manet in te (2), ce qu'il y a de particulierement stimulant sous la plume de Gide c'est que les personnages, qu'il s'agisse de Gide lui-meme ou de heros de fiction, existent certes afin de raconter une aventure mais egalement de faire avancer les mentalites et donc d'offrir une vision nouvelle d'un intime qui demeure souvent mal compris et surtout tres vite mal juge.
Dixit RTL), de Hammamet (Les premiers a s'y installer furent des artistes comme l'ecrivain francais Andre Gide ou encore le peintre allemand Paul Klee, rappelle le site du Guide du Routard) et la baie de Sidi Bou Said (Cette baie est notamment connue pour son atmosphere particuliere.
Another ballet about spring, Persephone (1934), the result of collaboration between Ida Rubinstein (dancer/impresario), Andre Gide (poet), Jacques Coupeau (director), Kurt Jooss (choreographer), Andre Barsacq (stage designer), and Stravinsky (composer), resulted in a disaster of creative differences that could have banished the work forever to the archives.
The problem lies on the side of what Andre Gide once said: "Great literature is not achieved through lofty sentiments." It takes a novelist as inventive as Dickens to give the lie to that.
C'est tout simplement de la fausse-monnaie, dans son emploi metaphorique chez Andre Gide dans sa celebre oeuvre, [beaucoup moins que]les faux-monnayeurs[beaucoup plus grand que].
The reference to Andre Gide particularly surprised me.
There are very few monsters who warrant the fear we have of them, wrote the French author Andre Gide. What a great quote!
(4.) Van Tuyl, Jocelyn (2006), Andre Gide and the Second World War: A Novelist's Occupation.
Gonzalez-Crussi, the author of The Day of the Dead: And Other Mortal Reflections (1993), cites Andre Gide, the French novelist and memoirist.