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French author and dramatist who is regarded as the father of modern French literature (1869-1951)

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Rien ne l'eclaire mieux et n'etablit mieux toutes les proportions de l'ensemble" (Sep 1893) Andre Gide, Journal 1887-1925, Paris: Gallimard, 1996.
Marcel Proust affirme la primaute de l'esthete sur l'enseignant ; Andre Gide met en garde contre les influences du mauvais maitre comme du mauvais ecrivain.
En julio de 1925, Andre Gide emprendio un viaje a las posesiones francesas de Africa ecuatorial como enviado especial del Ministerio para las Colonias.
The author being Edmund White, the writing is never less than captivating, even if a few of the articles are, as the British would say, potted history, about such notables as Oscar Wilde, Marcel Proust, Andre Gide, and other Usual Suspects.
Entiendo, mas no justifico, que hasta 1989 se pudieran ver los crimenes del socialismo real desde la optica enferma de la Guerra Fria, pese a que estan documentados desde el tempranisimo 1918 por Bertrand Russell, al que luego se sumarian en cascada Andre Gide, George Orwell, Alexander Solyenitzin.
Kevin Costner, gay, buff, and bedridden, brought the tormented genius to memorable life, especially in some spicy scenes involving his boyfriend/rival, Andre Gide (Antonio Banderas).
Other, almost equally devoted Roussel admirers have included Marcel Proust, Andre Gide, Julio Cortazar, Maurice Blanchot, and Alain Robbe-Grillet.
En la linea de Andre Gide, encontramos a Gabriel d'Annunzio (1863-1938).
People like Andre Gide, Amy Lowell, Christopher Isherwood, the Beat poets, and others discussed in this issue, all in very distinctive ways, came to think of themselves as sexual outsiders who occupied a separate--and even a legitimate--place in the social order.
Correspondance Andre Gide Paul Valery, 1890-1942, edition etablie par Robert Mallet, (Paris: Gallimard, 1955), p.
Andre Gide, Diario, seleccion de Laura Freixas, Alba, Barcelona, 1999.
s collection of short stoties Plusieurs vies follows Andre Gide and Paul Bowles in their exploration of homosexuality in North Africa.
Fiel a la idea de que escribir es sinonimo de conversar, en el volumen Ideas y costumbres II el poeta entabla un dialogo, lleva a juicio y sopesa el pensamiento de intelectuales por los que siente cierto aprecio: Andre Malraux, Andre Gide, George Orwell, Simone Weil y Albert Camus.
His correspondence with his friend Andre Gide was published as Le Dialogue avec Andre Gide (1929; 2nd edition, retitled, 1950).