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a garnet consisting of calcium iron silicate and having any color ranging from yellow and green to brown and black

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(1983) Gem andradite garnets. Gems & Gemology, 19 (4), 202-208.
An unusual form of iridescent andradite garnet was also available.
After that time, green andradite garnets of good quality have been found only once, in September 2006, when loose crystals to 3 cm were collected, a few of these making it to the 2007 Tucson Show (Moore, 2007).
It has also produced (as mentioned) brown opaque andradite garnets, globular prehnite, colorless and transparent apophyllite-(KF), stilbite, stellerite, chabazite-Ca, dark vesuvianite in acicular crystals, zoisite (as the pink variety "thulite"), albite, clinochlore, antigorite, nephrite, chrysotile, rutile, galena, pyrite, magnetite, chromite, diopside, aragonite, fine yellow calcite and quartz (andradite, calcite and quartz are very rare at the famous Jeffrey mine at Asbestos).