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We can see many people from various countries and one can form contacts and improve more action for culture and peace," said Andira, a visitor from Brazil.
Designers Beth Doane and Bethany Armstrong merged their passions for fashion and international conservation to create the Andira Rain Tee collection.
Andira Rain tees came next, a wacky mix of "Flashdance" '80s-inspired neon leggings (complete with holes torn down the sides) paired with T-shirts with laces crisscrossing the backs; more leggings (a common motif of the week's shows) came along with Canadian designer Barbara Boswell's lilikoi, who put them under over-the-knee dresses made of soy, organic cotton, bamboo and linen.
Other companies identified as recipients of Lampung coffee include Marubeni, Itochu, ED&F Man, Andira, Nestle, Lavazza, J.
Et se alcuno andira contra il presente ordine recitar in loco publico, o privato ['simil' added in margin] comedia, ['o' inserted] egloga, ['od altra cosa simile' scratched out] caschi a pena di vogar in galea di condemnati mesi disdotto can i ferri alli piede, et non essendo bon da galea, di star anni tre in pregion serrada, et di pagar ducati vinticinque a chi l'havera ritentuto, et presentato nelle forze: ne il tempo della galea, o pregion le habbi a cominciar, se non dopo pagati li sap.
The panel included coffee traders, Neils Andresen, of Andira, who represented Vietnam; Alberto Hesse of Alberto Hesse Trieste, Italy; David Mbugua of the Coffee Board of Kenya; Karen St.
The other Andy married his sweetheart, Andira, after they got chatting in a Moscow bar in the aftermath of the Russia-Scotland game in 1996.
Andy's best man Andy Gray married his Russian sweetheart Andira after they met in a Moscow bar following the Scotland v Russia game in April 1996.