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Within the Core Eudicotyledons, particularly within the Rosids subgroup, Andira inermis of the order Fabales was close to Cecropia obtusifolia (Rosales order) while Thouinidium decandrum was distinguished of these last two orders, because it belongs to the Sapindales.
Andira Hernandez Monzoy y Maria de la Paz Lopez Barajas, "Desarrollo humano y genero en Mexico (2000 -- 2005): avances y desafios", pagina 6 y 7
We can see many people from various countries and one can form contacts and improve more action for culture and peace," said Andira, a visitor from Brazil.
Designers Beth Doane and Bethany Armstrong merged their passions for fashion and international conservation to create the Andira Rain Tee collection.
Algunas especies publicadas originalmente bajo este genero han pasado a Andira Lam.
Por ejemplo, Andira multistipula reportada en las parcelas P1, P6 y P7 por Freitas (1996a) podria ser lo mismo que A.
Andira Rain tees came next, a wacky mix of "Flashdance" '80s-inspired neon leggings (complete with holes torn down the sides) paired with T-shirts with laces crisscrossing the backs; more leggings (a common motif of the week's shows) came along with Canadian designer Barbara Boswell's lilikoi, who put them under over-the-knee dresses made of soy, organic cotton, bamboo and linen.
sp1 X 104 Fabaceae Acacia sp1 X X 105 Fabaceae Acacia sp2 X 106 Fabaceae Andira sp1 X 107 Fabaceae Bauhinia sp1 X 108 Fabaceae Bauhinia sp2 X 109 Fabaceae Dalbergia sp1 X 110 Fabaceae Dialium guianense (Aubl.
Et se alcuno andira contra il presente ordine recitar in loco publico, o privato ['simil' added in margin] comedia, ['o' inserted] egloga, ['od altra cosa simile' scratched out] caschi a pena di vogar in galea di condemnati mesi disdotto can i ferri alli piede, et non essendo bon da galea, di star anni tre in pregion serrada, et di pagar ducati vinticinque a chi l'havera ritentuto, et presentato nelle forze: ne il tempo della galea, o pregion le habbi a cominciar, se non dopo pagati li sap.
The panel included coffee traders, Neils Andresen, of Andira, who represented Vietnam; Alberto Hesse of Alberto Hesse Trieste, Italy; David Mbugua of the Coffee Board of Kenya; Karen St.
The other [story] I will move to is a [vision impaired] lady named Andira and before I started the job, way back in 1988, she had already worked with our agency.