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a dark grey volcanic rock

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Centimetric to metric andesitic lava blocks were ejected during the eruption of April 22nd 2017, nevertheless, most of them corresponded to non-juvenile material.
2006, Flowage differentiation in an andesitic dyke of the Motru Dyke Swarm (Southern Carpathians, Romania): Evidence from AMS, CSD and geochemical investigations.
In this area the copper mineral with secondary minerals filling cavities of andesitic rocks (Fig.
Effusive products comprise gray andesitic to dacitic porphyritic lava flows (< 4 m thick) with planar fracturing sub parallel to the surface, labeled as Lava Dacitica Apilulco (total thickness ~400 m) by Delgado-Granados and Martin del Pozzo (1993).
They started with a lighter andesitic lava that can form in the presence of water, and were then overlaid with heavier basaltic lava that makes up the visible surface of the Martian crust.
680 Ma Stirling Group consists primarily of andesitic to basaltic lapilli tuff with interbeds of tuffaceous arenite and laminated siltstone.
Host rocks are intruded by andesitic dykes, both pre- and post-mineralization.
The main hydrothermal alteration in the surface of NRV is an extensive argillic zone that affects most ancient andesitic lava flows (augite-hypersteneandesites).
At the mineralised Pakieng area, the company has reported extensive silicified andesitic breccia outcrop hosting high-grade molybdenum and associated gold.
The 1968 andesitic lateral blast eruption at Arenal volcano, Costa Rica", J.
Ryden and Syers (1975) demonstrated that of the tephra materials they studied, moderately weathered andesitic tephra had the greatest potential for removing P from effluent.
Iron sand is product of a process of change in the form from andesitic and basaltic volcanic rocks, which are rich in iron.
The Palomo mine area is composed entirely of volcanic rocks: andesitic lavas, pyroclastic rocks, tuffs and breccias.
The andesitic magmas thus produced represent the products of the melting of a mixture of subducted ocean floor basalt, sedimentary material that had been washed onto the ocean floor from the continents (which are themselves an older, silica-rich product of the chemical differentiation of Earth), seawater trapped in the sediments, and the primary mantle materials into which the plates are subducted.