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a dark grey volcanic rock

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Following this, Upper Cretaceous volcaniclastic and sedimentary rocks were penetrated prior to the intercepting of the target volcaniclastic and andesite unit at 432 m.
Granite, basalt, andesite and trachyte are used as coating materials for buildings.
These lithologies are overlayed by several pyroclastic deposits from later explosive eruptive phases, the lavas are composed by two pyroxenes andesites with local variations to basaltic andesites (FIGURE 2).
The primordial mantle-normalised trace element patterns of andesites exhibit marked negative Nb anomalies with spikes generally on K, Sr and Ba.
Stilbite crystals in cavities in andesites from the Lonavala quarry can reach 10 cm in size.
Les roches ont une composition scmblable aux andesites orogeniques avec des teneurs elevees en [TiO.
This intrusive caused the folding, faulting, and metamorphism of the Jurassic sediments and the doming and propylitization of the Eocene andesites.
This series, interpreted as a calc-alkaline continental-type volcano-sedimentary unit (Andean-type), exhibits bimodal volcanism, with basalts, andesites, dacites and rhyolites.
Opawica has intersected the previously discovered sulphide bearing andesites (Flow 1) at vertical depths from 250 to 300 meters beneath a small open pit mined and abandoned in the early 1970's.
These sequences were subsequently intruded by 38 million year old intrusions and overlain by Miocene basalts and andesites.
The dike cuts the older andesites in the northeastern and central parts of the district and flat-lying rhyolite ash-flow tuffs in the southwestern areas.
There is also the possibility that large-tonnage, bulk-mineable lower-grade epithermal gold mineralisation could occur in a favourable tuff horizon proximal to the silica-clay veins, that are hosted by more competent overlying andesites.
Year-2004 composite grab sampling of fault gouge and strongly silicified, carbonate-altered andesites returned values of 855 ppb Au, 0.