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a dark grey volcanic rock

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All samples are two-pyroxene andesites. The phenocrysts include orthopyroxene, clinopyroxene, plagioclase, and Timagnetite.
(2008) New insights into andesite genesis: the role of mantle-derived calc-alkalic and crust-derived tholeiitic melts in magma differentiation beneath Zao Volcano, NE Japan.
The Sabalan volcano (Ardabil) is among the youngest volcanic calderas, in eastern border of the Turkish-Iranian Plateau, consisting of Miocene trachyandesites and Plio-Quaternary trachy-andesite, pumiceous andesites, and dacites with ultrapotassic-shoshonitic signatures.
(6.) Sariisik, A, Demirel, S, Gorkem, O, Ergun H, Ak, G, C, and Ergun, M., "Afyon Bolgesi Andezitlerine Seramik Sir Tekniklerinin Uygulanmasi ve Endustriyel Yeni Urun Gelistirme" (Implementation of Ceramic Glaze Techniques on Andesites of Afyon Region and Development of New Industrial Product), Afyonkarahisar: Turkey VI.
The area largely consists of andesites and volcanic breccias of probable Miocene-Pliocene age showing alteration characteristics of high-sulphidation epithermal gold deposits.
Explosive volcanoes on Earth usually erupt silicon-rich lavas (andesites) rather than sodium-rich basalts.
Stilbite crystals in cavities in andesites from the Lonavala quarry can reach 10 cm in size.
With increasing arc maturity, and/or crustal thickness, intermediate to felsic magmas (diorites to granites, andesites to rhyolites) predominate (e.g.
Samples of basaltic hyaloclastites, andesites, acid rocks, and volcanic sediments (Table 1) all correlate to the capillary tube model, while some samples of basaltic lavas and basaltic intrusions deviate from that model.