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From a John Paul Salilig cross, Andes capped his splendid showing with an 88th minute strike.
Then it was up to Andes to put the nail in the coffin sending home John Paul Salilig's cross.
El programa de maestria constituye una experiencia academica de la Universidad de Los Andes y, particularmente del Departamento de Antropologia y Sociologia, al servicio del conocimiento social y cultural del pais y, especificamente, de la region de los Andes venezolanos.
Asi, la cordillera de los Andes genera una gran variedad de ambientes que permite el establecimiento de una rica flora y un alto grado de endemismo (Jergensen et al.
Andes is survived by his wife of 54 years Jean, daughter Anna, son Martin and wife Cheri, son Matthew and wife Theresa, and daughter Mary and partner Eva, grandson George, grandson Lee, granddaughter Molly, grandson Matthew, grandson Alec, grandson Timothy, sister Mary and husband Chris, and sister Virginia and husband Jim.
The acquisition notably bolsters Pacific Andes International's expansion strategy in the Peruvian fishery and helps it keep pace with the rising market demand for fishmeal.
Among other things, being an Andes Health Mart pharmacy gives us the advantages of group buying, group advertising and group association with insurance.
Formed 120 million years ago and stretching some 7,500 kilometres from Colombia to Argentina, the Andes are relatively young.
Sarilyn Rexius of Portland and Steve Andes of Wilsonville were married Aug.
Parte de estos profesionales especializados asumio la responsabilidad de fundar la Universidad de Los Andes y, en ella, a la Facultad de Ingenieria.
South America's Andes reached their staggering heights after a sudden growth spurt millions of years ago, new evidence suggests.
Written by Southwest Chicago native Jack Zimmerman, and set in his home town during the summer of '59, Gods of the Andes is a novel about ordinary, borderline destitute people struggling to get by in their daily lives--and a masterful betting scheme concerning baseball's White Sox, who are poised to seize the American League Pennant.
This is the extraordinary true story of the survival of members of a Uruguayan rugby team and others whose plane crashed in the Andes Mountains in 1972, a story also related in the book Alive, by Piers Paul Read.
The potential incubation period from exposure to onset of symptoms was 7-39 days (median 18 days) in 20 patients with a defined period of exposure to Andes virus in a high-risk area.