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a Danish author remembered for his fairy stories (1805-1875)

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The Supreme Court vindication of Andersen is "a bittersweet victory" for all 28,000 ex-Andersen employees (and, I'd add, partners);
It was only after he announced his adoration that Andersen discovered he was responding to a prank; Ludvig's original declaration of love was actually composed by a mutual friend with a lethal sense of humor.
She believes, as does Andersen, that every Balanchine ballet is a tool.
Perhaps the most jejune assertion Andersen makes occurs in an emphatic contrast between "films shot in New York" and "films shot in Los Angeles.
The AICPA's QCIC ongoing investigation of a number of cases involving Andersen, including the Enron matter, commenced last Dec.
In the meantime, Arizona Attorney General Janet Napolitano blasted Andersen for the collapsed settlement and asked the state Board of Accountancy to revoke the licenses of all certified public accountants at Andersen who were involved in the BFA situation.
According to the February 2001 Andersen memo, "Enron Retention Meeting," Andersen executives discussed problems at Enron, including significant related-party transactions with SPEs used to move debt off the balance sheet.
The fruit croppers have cultivated a relationship with Andersen for more than 15 years.
Andersen Consulting accuses Arthur Andersen of breaking the US Securities and Exchange Commission agreement filed by both companies in 1990.
Under the alliance, Andersen Consulting will work with Caixa Catalunya to develop a new management model for information technology and systems, which will provide the highest level of information technology services to all Caixa Catalunya business units.
Andersen to Hungarian Telephone's Board of Directors, Kim Frimer, the Chairman of Hungarian Telephone's Board of Directors said, "We are delighted with the addition of Ole Steen Andersen to Hungarian Telephone's Board of Directors.
As a seven-year-old, Andersen enrolled at the RDBS and met his future wife, Eva Kloborg, there.
The two alleged Andersen had failed to disclose three years of losses resulting from millions of dollars in the bank's bad commercial loans.
These statements relate to CCTV's development, including CCTV's ability to attract new subscribers, its ability to continue to expand its network, and its ability to achieve positive cash flow, and Andersen Group's ability to raise funds for the expansion of CCTV's network, and are based on management's best assessment of Andersen Group's and CCTV's strategic and financial position and of future market conditions and trends.
As a dancer, Frank Andersen charmed audiences with his elegance.