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Her trip will include a five-day trek through the Andean mountains and the chance to meet women from a local orphanage and community centre in the city of Merida.
Thomson hypothesised that the often impractical locations suggested their builders were driven by aesthetic considerations, a search for a more benign climate during the winter, and a wish to create places of relaxation amid the fabulous scenery of the Andean mountains.
The Andean civilization refers to the cultures that flourished in the Andean Mountains from approximately 1100 B.
The Llao Llao Hotel emerges from a tragic history as an elite hideaway on the edge of the Andean Mountains.
In a painting from 19th-century Bolivia, he is transformed from a 12th-century Spanish farmer into a Bolivian rancher, towering over scenes of Andean mountains and tropical jungles filled with South American flora and fauna.
But Antonio persisted and, high in the Andean mountains, he developed a prosperous plantation enterprise which his son, Carlos, inherited when he was only 15.
Nearly 700 trees planted on a seven-acre stretch of Ecuador's Pasochoa Protected Forest, in the Andean mountains.
High in the Andean mountains of Bolivia, expert Amyra weavers once produced woven garments with vibrant colors and the texture of silk for the Inca nobles.
The first story presented by a female author, Maria Rosa Fort, is about Martina who travels from her city by the ocean to a village high up in the Andean mountains during Holy Week.
Spectacular tour traverses through Argentina's tropical rainforests in the north, snow-capped Andean mountains in the south, and all the wonders in between
You will set off on November 1 for the 10-day trip of a lifetime and take in the breathtaking views of snowcapped Andean mountains.
Passion flowers: Native to a wide range of natural habitats, from the high Andean mountains to the tropics of Asia, the Passiflora genus incorporates 521 species of mostly evergreen plants.
In central Chile, the landscape is shadowed by the Andean mountains and active volcanoes--more than 1,000--and the ground trembles constantly Pucon offers water skiing on Lake Villarica when it's hot, and snowboarding down the towering volcano--which steams, of course--when it's cold.