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"Available on the beautiful vistas of the Andean mountains, a well-maintained apartment located on the seventh floor of a ten-storey building.
Shad joined a group of 17 walkers aged from 24 to 52 to complete the five day Inca Trail through the high Andean mountains of Peru.
The Amazon rainforest region hosts the world's largest hydrographic network on the planet spreading along over 7 million square kilometers from the Andean Mountains in Peru to the Atlantic Ocean in northern Brazil.
A new pilot project has been established for villages in the remote Andean mountains in Peru, to enable important agricultural information to be passed to farmers in the region.
Her trip will include a five-day trek through the Andean mountains and the chance to meet women from a local orphanage and community centre in the city of Merida.
The Andean civilization refers to the cultures that flourished in the Andean Mountains from approximately 1100 B.C.
The Llao Llao Hotel emerges from a tragic history as an elite hideaway on the edge of the Andean Mountains.
In a painting from 19th-century Bolivia, he is transformed from a 12th-century Spanish farmer into a Bolivian rancher, towering over scenes of Andean mountains and tropical jungles filled with South American flora and fauna.
But Antonio persisted and, high in the Andean mountains, he developed a prosperous plantation enterprise which his son, Carlos, inherited when he was only 15.
* Nearly 700 trees planted on a seven-acre stretch of Ecuador's Pasochoa Protected Forest, in the Andean mountains. The trees, planted by Fundacion Natura, will benefit the environment not only by sequestering carbon but by protecting damaged grassland from erosion and by creating a buffer zone next to the Pasochoa forest.
High in the Andean mountains of Bolivia, expert Amyra weavers once produced woven garments with vibrant colors and the texture of silk for the Inca nobles.