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Carolyn Deans's study is an important contribution to colonial Andean social history, and even more so given that it is written from the perspective of art history.
The authors of subsequent chapters explore a range of related themes pertaining to the broader context of Andean ritual action, as well as the ritual landscapes of particular Inka sites or regions.
After extensive market research the overwhelming feedback is that the market is ready and wanting the event to broaden its scope by incorporating the Andean region.
We see that certain countries in the Andean region, like Peru, have an attractive growth rate, and the region as a whole has a good growth rate, so an important first step for us was to establish a strong partnership with someone who can take our product to market there," said Kaiser.
Burger and Glascock's contribution is very different from all the others, analyzing Andean obsidian trade through chemical sourcing.
Moving from a brief but spectacular presentation of rural music, they employ a remarkable variety of instruments and rhythms, in-troducing elements of Latin jazz, to create an impressively contemporary Andean sound.
But there is much to recommend it: its social contradictions, its immense archaeological and architectural richness -- it is one of the world's exceptional reservoirs of flora and fauna, being among the eight countries with the greatest biodiversity -- the attractiveness of its ancient cultures, and an amazing variety of landscapes that range from the highest Andean peaks to vast plains and tropical forests in the Amazonian deep valleys.
House of Representatives has already endorsed its renewal and included a provision to allow canned tuna from the Andean countries to have tariff-free access to the U.
The compromise includes a provision that will limit duty-free treatment for canned tuna from the Andean nations to 20% of domestic production in the US.
In this search for a kind of romantic "authenticity," "[t]he combination of European musical instruments with those associated with the Andean peasantry, the creation of stylized choreographies performed by urban mestizos in staged contexts, and the use of Inca imagery all resulted in new, unique forms that would subsequently influence the production of music and dance in the whole region" (p.
project to restore the Kuntur Wasi Temple, an important relic of the ancient Andean civilization.
As was the case in all Andean cultures, textiles were highly valued by the Huari.
Craig Morris, an Andean anthropologist at the American Museum of Natural History in New York City, ``these artifacts and the base camp are at least as important as the mummies in determining the meaning of these rituals.
Here Mignolo also considers non-western cartographic traditions, including those of Mesoamerica and the Andean region.
CARACAS, Venezuela -- Low credit penetration, relatively sound asset quality and funding ratios, adequate capitalization, and economic growth should mitigate risks from continued moderate loan growth across the Andean region in 2013, according to Fitch Ratings.