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After evaluating their behavior, it was determined that the Andean bird met the necessary conditions, such as being able to feed itself, respect the hierarchy, fly without difficulty and control the landing, and above all avoid human presence.
Digital Bridge said this acquisition will enhance ATP'S ability to meet an increasing need for telecom infrastructure in the Andean region.
Andean Naturals uses a Shared Interest credit facility to offer 4,000 farmers pre-harvest payments.
The extent to which these ideas of Andean collective identity formed AC member states' decision to create the 'Andean Pact'6 is not discussed here.
Visual representations of Catholicism by the hands of Andean artists sparked the creation of a new and independent artistic tradition.
This bidding war, framed by the servicio-merced mentality ("I offer" = servtcio; "you, king, reward me" = merced) and somewhat an extension of the Incan reciprocity-redistribution logic, led Andeans toward a Spanish action-logic.
The random distribution of the Palaeozoic outcrops along the Andean Ranges does not facilitate a coherent model of their geodynamic evolution.
This presents a different power dynamic between Africans and Andeans than previous scholarship on colonial Andean society (99).
He attended the Assembly's meeting today along with the First Lady of Peru, Nadine Heredia, who promotes the traditional Andean diet to combat infant malnutrition in the continent.
The study, which examined about half of the Andean glaciers, found that the phenomenon was more strongly pronounced among smaller, lower altitude glaciers, which it said could vanish altogether within decades or even years.
Fitch said that low credit penetration, relatively sound asset quality and funding ratios, adequate capitalization, and economic growth should mitigate risks from continued moderate loan growth across the Andean region in 2013.
As one of several highlighted staples of Andean diet, including quinoa, maize, uchu--chile or aji, and cuy--guinea pig, Krogel devotes a short but fascinating section of her first chapter to potatoes.
SES deployed the satellite in September last year as part of an agreement with the Andean Community of Nations to deliver high power Ku-band capacity to the Andean region.
Princeton University Press, 1991) and Kenneth Mills, Idolatry and Its Enemies: Colonial Andean Religion and Extirpation, 1640-1750 (Princeton, N.
Using bright colors, soft hues, and combining natural materials and rustic metals, the Andean Collection offers exquisite pieces of jewelery influenced greatly from artisan workshops in the Andean regions of South America.