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His addition to our team helps the Company move forward to the next stage of development strategy,' commented Spencer Sung Bum Huh, President and CEO of Pan Andean Minerals.
Strategically headquartered in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Ultra DTH will rely on a network of key country pay-TV operators to commercialise its platform across several markets in the Caribbean and the Andean region.
The Nashville Zoo opened its ( Andean bear exhibit on March 15.
Digital Bridge said this acquisition will enhance ATP'S ability to meet an increasing need for telecom infrastructure in the Andean region.
Andean Naturals uses a Shared Interest credit facility to offer 4,000 farmers pre-harvest payments.
She is the first Andean - also know as a Spectacle - bear to be born in the zoo in 22 years.
Many traditional Andean foods have a historic association with improved health and longevity.
Successful efforts to instruct neophytes began around 1550 when large bultos from Spain arrived in Andean cities to populate new Christian churches with "naturalistic, polychrome images of Christian deities" (p.
As previously announced, the existing S&P MILA indices S&P MILA 40, S&P MILA Financials, and S&P MILA Resources were renamed effective July 14, 2014 to S&P MILA Andean 40, S&P MILA Andean Financials, and S&P MILA Andean Resources, respectively, to more specifically describe the region they represent.
The South American Pacific margin resulted from the alignment of the Andean Cordillera.
According to the company, SES 10 will be positioned at the 67 degrees West orbital position, pursuant to an agreement between the Andean Community (Bolivia, Colombia, Ecuador and Peru) and SES, which provides for use of the Andean Community's Simon Bolivar 2 satellite network.