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part of the Bay of Bengal to the west of the Malay Peninsula

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Southern Thailand's tourist industry is a huge moneymaker, and authorities have become particularly sensitive to visitors' safety since last July, when 47 Chinese tourists drowned when the boat they were on sank in rough seas near the popular resort of Phuket in the Andaman Sea.
Rather than returning to the UAE, the cruise will head to the Andaman Sea and Phuket, Thailand.
However, by examining the witness report of an aircraft over the Andaman Sea, I've deduced a reasonable fix on where the aircraft crossed the second of the Inmarsat arcs, 3 hours into the flight.
Maya Bay on Phi Phi Leh Island in the Andaman Sea will close to tourists for four months from today to give its coral reefs and sea life a chance to recover from an onslaught that began nearly two decades ago.
Koh Similan, as it is known in Thailand, is located in the Andaman Sea about an hour from the southern Thai coast by speedboat.
Earlier that same year, a military transport plane plunged into the Andaman Sea off Burma's southeast coast, killing all 122 passengers, which included soldiers and their family members.
Maya Bay, on Phi Phi Leh island in the Andaman Sea, will be closed to all visitors for four months annually starting this June to allow for the recovery of the battered coral reefs and sea life.
Phuket, an island in the Andaman Sea popular among international tourists, is located 840 kilometres south of Bangkok.
Law and other scholars from Europe discuss the lawAEs role in the production of superfluity in refugee protection; legal regimes and practices on refugee protection, including refugees in Lebanon and the link between law on force and refugee law in the context of the Syrian conflict; forced migration and the sea, in terms of Resolution 2240 of the UN Security Council on the smuggling of migrants and human trafficking off the coast of Libya, and the 2015 Andaman Sea boat crisis; migration due to climate change and environmental degradation; and the legal situation of victims of human trafficking from a human security perspective.
Several bodies and debris from the wreckage of a military transporter plane that went missing with 122 people on board, was found Thursday in the Andaman sea, the Burmese military confirmed.
In the last week of April 2016, some 70 Rohingyas were drowned when an overloaded boat capsized in the Andaman Sea when they were trying to flee Myanmar.
The island, off Phang Nga province in the Andaman Sea, is just 4.6 square miles in area.
During the five-day command post exercise liaison officers will receive simulated reports of suspect vessels in the Straits of Singapore and Malacca, the Andaman Sea or the South China Sea.
Over in the serene Andaman Sea off Thailand, the Phuket King's Cup (5 to 12 December 2015) is the grandest of the many competitive regattas throughout Southeast Asia so rewards crew with great fun on and off the water.
Rohingya Muslims have been forced into the Bay of Bengal and the Andaman Sea to seek refuge in Malaysia and Indonesia.