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a region in southern Spain on the Atlantic and the Mediterranean

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Departs, April 2015 - August 2015 From Glasgow BASED in quintessentially Andalusian town Antequera, this holiday includes full-day visits to Granada - with entrance to the Alhambra - and glorious, historic Seville, the 'City of Flamenco' and setting for Bizet's Carmen.
The Ahmed bin Zayed Al Nahyan Mosque in Zakher is expected to be a major landmark of the city and has been constructed in both Moroccan and Andalusian styles.
As Corriente notes in his preface, one special interest of Andalusian Arabic is that it is the earliest corpus of non-Classical Arabic concentrated in one dialectal area.
In a seemingly symbolic nod to the rising eminence of Andalusian gastronomy, the gala event to announce the 2015 Michelin Guide for Spain was held in the Andalusian port city of Marbella this year.
The Damascene troupe Tahlila held a concert at the Damascus Opera House on Sunday evening, performing a variety of Andalusian and heritage pieces, in addition to sophist chants and performances of Mawlawiyya.
Al Kawas was joined by Saudi singer Abdul Rahman Mohammad, and the Arab Andalusian Ensemble and Vocalists.
It will convert two percent to four percent of an Andalusian patron's purchases into Horseplay privileges points that may be used for the spa, the gym, food, drinks or accommodations within the service segments of Andalusian Resorts and Spas.
That a film so grounded in Andalusian specificity has moved audiences the world over attests not only to the power of Zambrano's vision; it bespeaks its contemporary, global dimension.
Clockwise from right, Iraqi women carry water back home through a sand storm in the outskirts of Basra; a penitent walks to church to start the procession of the 'Santa Genoveva' brotherhood in the Andalusian capital Seville in southern Spain; an Ecuadoran fire fighter stands amid flames from a gas pipe leak on the outskirts of Quito; Australian born artist Ron Mueck's Dead Dad (front) and Damien Hirst's The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind, portraying a shark within glass, steel, silicone and formaldehyde, are seen on display at the new Saatchi Gallery in London; flying pigs: a crowd watches as a pig named Beauty dives into a pool of water during a performance at Sydney's Royal Easter Show
He uses his source, Francisco Delicado's picaresque novel Portrait of the Fair Andalusian, to let the heroine Aldonza/Lozana recall from the perspective of a woman-of-the-streets in High Renaissance Rome the teeming life of urban trade and traffic in her Cordoban birthplace.
Similarly, the fall of Granada inhabits Darwish's historical imagination out of the same feeling of empathy and kinsbip with the modernist Andalusian poet and playwright Federico Garcia Lorca: "The keys belong to me, as well as the minarets and lamps.
Al-Andalusi was not romanticising about the influence of the Andalusian Muslims left in Tunisia, but only relating historic facts.
However, Collier reconnects Andalusian regional ethnicity to the larger themes of the book by positing that modern notions of the family and ethnic groups, "which are families writ large" (p.
Crusafont Institute in Barcelona, ventured into the peninsula's parched heart 20 years ago hoping to unearth ancient animal bones from a dried-up lake bed near the Andalusian village of Orce (pronounced oar-say).