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a region in southern Spain on the Atlantic and the Mediterranean

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provision of hospital health care services, Of a complementary nature to that provided in our own centers, To users of the andalusian health service, For the provision of health care in approved hospital centers; Decree 165/1995, Of july 4 (cca.
Arab audiences will be taken aback by the beauty of Eid al Ashaq and the music video as Kadim drives across the Andalusian coast.
Under his direction and guidance, the group, which is comprised of young French and Andalusian dance and music talents, made an indelible mark on the world stage over the past two decades by constantly breathing new life into this traditional Spanish art form, thereby realizing de la Carrasca's vision of integrating it with dramatic and classical plays to create a truly mesmerizing and ever-evolving visual marvel.
Some of the highlights of the event include live band Topati, Andalusian live band from Cadiz and Sevilla, Spanish DJ Diego Aguas, Formigal, best outfit awards and a surprise in addition to a raffle draw where one person will win a return ticket to anywhere in Europe from Doha from Turkish Airlines.
The Ahmed bin Zayed Al Nahyan Mosque in Zakher is expected to be a major landmark of the city and has been constructed in both Moroccan and Andalusian styles.
As Corriente notes in his preface, one special interest of Andalusian Arabic is that it is the earliest corpus of non-Classical Arabic concentrated in one dialectal area.
In a seemingly symbolic nod to the rising eminence of Andalusian gastronomy, the gala event to announce the 2015 Michelin Guide for Spain was held in the Andalusian port city of Marbella this year.
The Damascene troupe Tahlila held a concert at the Damascus Opera House on Sunday evening, performing a variety of Andalusian and heritage pieces, in addition to sophist chants and performances of Mawlawiyya.
Al Kawas was joined by Saudi singer Abdul Rahman Mohammad, and the Arab Andalusian Ensemble and Vocalists.
It will convert two percent to four percent of an Andalusian patron's purchases into Horseplay privileges points that may be used for the spa, the gym, food, drinks or accommodations within the service segments of Andalusian Resorts and Spas.
The next stop took the audience to further west to Andalusian tradition.
26 October 2012 - US Greenway Technology (PINK: GWYT), which is engaged in exploiting green energy technologies, said it had taken over Andalusian Resorts LLC, a development stage firm that plans to operate a chain of resorts and spas.
Due to this, the term "Arab" encompasses Persian, Indian, Turkish, Syrian, Egyptian, Berber, Andalusian and others.
He examines how it is being cultivated as a marker of Andalusian identity and a patrimonial symbol of Andalusian autonomy, how Andalusians have avoided transforming it into a fixed and well-defined patrimonial object, and the government's reluctance to define flamenco.
Had Atletico held on a victory today would have taken them above the Andalusian side on head-to-heads.