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the capital of Turkey

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To his advantage, the majority of the cities between Ancyra and Issus were quite unhappy with their subjugation under Persian rule and viewed Alexander's cause favorably.
The Council of Ancyra demanded strict penalties: solitary confinement, fasts, isolation and supervision for any cleric caught having sex with a minor.
Thus, on the basis that a gazetteer is not meant to be read from cover to cover, but dipped into when one needs a dependable inventory or register of the relevant data, this reviewer chose to, first, read the Introduction to establish what the compiler's own personal interest in the matter was, and, second, dip into those parts for which he can claim at least some familiarity with the subject matter, namely central Anatolia and specifically Ancyra and its original provincial territory, Galatia.
177) Canons 16 and 17 of the Council of Ancyra in 314, inflicted lengthy penances and excommunication for male homosexuality.
Asi acude a la autoridad de San Basilio y a la del Concilio de Ancyra que establecen severisimas penas, azotes, carcel, ayunos a pan y agua, suspension por anos de la Eucaristia y guardias de vista a clerigos o monjes que hayan acosado sexualmente a ninos (capitulos XV y siguientes).
We have no right to suppose that our earliest epigraphic testimony is exactly contemporary with the first institution of such an office, and in any case none of these inscriptions is from Cilicia, whose mountainous regions were much more fertile ground for brigandage than the environs of Smyrna, Miletus or even Ancyra.
11) The report of this decree surprised the Church when it was published in 358 by Basil of Ancyra, but Hanson shows elsewhere that he finds it credible, and we cannot suppose that Hilary or Athanasius would have accepted it without good cause.
25) This alleges that a comes scutariorum by the name of Frumentinus participated in the trial and torture of Basil at Ancyra until his death on 28 June 362.
Legend has it that the Byzantine emperor Justinian I sent him a poisoned cloak that caused his death at Ancyra (modern Ankara).
Rooted in the apostolic era, as recent scholars on Christian Origins have argued, (1) the christological exegesis of OT theophanies gained prominence in the second and third centuries, and played an important role in anti-Jewish, antidualistic, and antimonarchian polemics: it figured significantly in a catechetical manual such as Irenaeus's Demonstration; it was part of the antidualistic arsenal deployed by Irenaeus and Tertullian; it was the crucial argument used by Tertullian and Hippolytus against "Monarchians," as well as by later polemicists against the "Sabellianism" of a Marcellus of Ancyra or Photinus of Sirmium.
February 116 to August 117; (39) an inscription from Ancyra honoring a certain Latinius Alexander, who had been eirenarch by 117-118 at the latest; (40) and a passage in Aelius Aristides concerning the eirenarchy at Smyrna, which had been established there some time before his native city of Hadriani became a [TEXT NOT REPRODUCIBLE IN ASCII]; in AD 123 and probably before Aristides was born there in 118.
A useful question may be to discern when he does not polarize, such as in his alliance with Marcellus of Ancyra or at the terminological compromises in Alexandria in 362.
6) Alternatively, other commentators have interpreted Achyrona as a corrupt reference to Ancyra in Galatia.
Likewise homoiousian theologians George of Laodicea and Basil of Ancyra provide Basil of Caesarea with a precedent for intellectual creativity in the face of the Heteroousian project.
Thus from John Chrysostom, (71) Augustine, (72) Athanasius, (73) Ambrose, (74) and Basil of Ancyra (75) comes the constant refrain that these virgins are or are to be--Brides of Christ.