Ancylus fluviatilis

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minute conical gastropod superficially resembling a limpet but living and feeding on freshwater plants

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The procedure was repeated for four specimens (two of Ancylus fluviatilis (A1 & A2), one of Gammarus fossarum (G2), and one of Sericostoma personatum (S2)) with a P7 adapter similar to the ones described above but without the DBR region, to test for the general performance of the adapters with and without DBRs.
The growth of a population of Ancylus fluviatilis Muller, from the R.
Studies on local populations of the freshwater limpet Ancylus fluviatilis Muller.
The effect of heated effluent on the occurrence and reproduction of the freshwater limpets Ancylus fluviatilis Muller, 1774, Ferrisia wautieri (Mirolli, 1960) and Acroloxus lacustris (Lamarck, 1758) in two dutch water bodies.
The water level rise resulted in widespread erosional processes and accumulation of beach formations, which consisted of shingle, calcareous gravel and sand containing mollusc shells of Ancylus fluviatilis, Bithynia tentaculata, Radix ovata, etc.
This has already been observed in the highly selfing pulmonate Ancylus fluviatilis (Stadler et al.