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Con las islas de Trinidad (Alkins-Koo 1989), Saba (Bass 2008) y San Vicente y Las Granadinas (Bass & de Silva 2010) la similitud se da apenas a nivel de algunas familias: Planorbidae, Ancylidae e Hydrobiidae en Trinidad; Physidae y Planorbidae en Saba y San Vicente y Las Granadinas.
Ancylidae (Gastropoda: Basommatophora) na America do Sul: Sistematica e distribuicao.
(nymph) Lymnephilidae Sp d Phreodrilidae Antarctodrilus proboscidae Siponotidae Ancylidae Ferrissia sp.
0.60 0 Hydracarina 0.76 0.33 Mollusca Gastropoda Ancylidae 0.29 0.67 Others 0.11 0.33 The number of taxa on the rough wood substrates decreased significantly from a mean of 18.4 on day 30, to 14.8 on day 91 (Table 2).
Furcocercarias (Trematoda) nuevas de moluscos de las familias Planorbidae y Ancylidae. Physis, 37, 117-125.
The pulmonates (Ancylidae, Lymnaeidae, Physidae, and Planorbidae) are more resistant to organic pollution.
Mollusca, Gasteropoda, Ancylidae. Fauna de Agua Dulce de la Republica Argentina, PROFADU (CONICET), Buenos Aires 15: 99-114.
During the sampling period 20 species and 2 subspecies of the Gastropoda were found, belonging to the families Planorbidae, Chilinidae, Physidae, Ancylidae, Cochliopidae, Lithogliphidae, and Ampullariidae along with 5 species of the Bivalvia of the families Corbiculidae, Sphaeridae, and Mytilidae.
While Pomacea canaliculata, Pisidium, Eupera and Ancylidae were more frequent in permanent wetlands with larger area and located at lower altitudes, Omalonyx convexus, Lymnaea columella, Drepanotrema and Biomphalaria were observed mainly in wetlands with lower area and located at higher altitudes.
2 ANCYLIDAE Gundlachia PLANORBIDAE THIARIDAE Aylacostoma behni Hylton Scott, 1951 PHYSIDAE (n/i) Crustacea Ostracoda Cypridopsis vidua Muller, 1776 Isocypris Cytheridella ilosvayi Daday, 1905 Cytheridella sp.
Specimens were attached to the bottom pebbles and associated with bivalve Limnoperna fortunei (Dunker, 1875), hydrobiid Potamolithus Pilsbry, 1896 and representatives of the Ancylidae. Voucher specimens were deposited in the Collection of the Museo de La Plata (no.