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a gliding joint between the distal ends of the tibia and fibula and the proximal end of the talus

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The patient was redressed in a non-walking cast for 6 weeks, followed by pain adopted weight-bearing with an ancle orthotics (Mal-leoloc[R]) for 6 more weeks.
Pallasmaa entiende que la orientacion social y cultural, al servicio de "una arquitectura que ancle a los seres humanos en el mundo" (ibd.), es la autentica finalidad.
Finally, as has been my practice over the decades, I minimize arcane words, such as ADMEN MENAD, ANCLE CLEAN, BALSA SABAL, and DOZEN ZENDO.
In 1891, by contrast, in an overview of Mulready's work, the Saturday Review described her as "earnestly reading" the poem, while her lover "in an attitude of devoted abandonment, clasping his ancle with his hands, gazes up at her." (2) What had happened in the intervening decades that caused such a profound shift in interpretation?
made in the sinew behind the ancle to prevent the return of the Spirits of these men which they naturally enough imagine must be more mischievous than those of the ordinary race of men'.
La apelacion a la representacion de cosa permite entonces discriminar las diferentes entidades presentes en un determinado contexto de percepcion al menos tan finamente como lo hace la identificacion de las mismas a traves de conceptos de sortal, permitiendo que el sujeto localice una entidad y ancle un vinculo informacional en un objeto en el campo perceptual (cosa que, como vimos, la capacidad de localizacion proporcionada por el vinculo informacional no puede hacer por si misma y en forma aislada).