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a history of the ancient world

knowledge of some recent fact or event that has become so commonly known that it has lost its original pertinence

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A quick browse through the internet suggests that Grafitti has been in existence since ancient times, with its evolution spreading throughout the world over the years.
They are not human bones from the Angkor period or ancient times,' Thon said.
The collections allow visitors and researchers to investigate the history of the country and the daily life and culture of the nation from ancient times to the present.
Before Homosexuals: From Ancient Times to Victorian Crimes is a vivid documentary about same-sex erotica in human history, including intensely passionate same-sex poetry, visual art, and writing.
"Al Shabaniyah" is a custom inherited by generations since ancient times. The citizens in the Wilayat of Sur have kept it in its form as a social occasion to visit the relatives, neighbors and patients.
Mohammed bin Said Al Araimi from the Wilayat of Sur said that "Al Shabaniyah" is traditionally inherited by the people in the Wilayat of Sur since ancient times. It is eagerly awaited by children who wear beautiful traditional clothing.
Even in ancient times, the holding of Olympics was meant to bring an end to all hostilities during the games.
The conference is titled "Medicine and Pharmacy in Egypt and the Near East from Ancient Times to the Early Islamic Era" and is organized by the center in cooperation with the Coptic Orthodox Cultural Center.
Woman in the society has considered as the inferior to a man since ancient times. Some of the problems faced by the women are because of their domestic responsibilities, culture and social norms.
"PAKISTANI CULTURE IS KNOWN THROUGHOUT THE WORLD AND IS UNIQUE IN ITS OWN WAY 'The most important thing being the values which has been rooted since ancient times. But the people have stop owning their values they change their lifestyle,language,their BELIEVES.
"Asia is an expansive space of connectivity formed by interactions of mobility and territoriality, embracing lands and peoples all around the Silk Roads and Indian Ocean, from ancient times, and weaving all continents together in today's globalized world."
The wearing of the Martisor on March 1 began in ancient times and up until today, the thread is thought to be a symbol that will protect the wearer and ensure a safe passage from winter to spring.
A recent archeological study discovered that humans have been caring for pet dogs since ancient times.
Although a body length of 1.8 or 1.9 meters is not particularly tall by 21st-century Western standards, it is thought that in ancient times such a height would have allowed these people to tower over their fellow men.
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