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Leading linguists from all over the world declared Brahui an ancient language during a seminar called International Conference on Brahui Language and Culture, held at Allama Iqbal Open University, Islamabad.
The German Ambassador noted that German and Sanskrit shared deep roots and there was so much common between the two ancient languages and wanted more exchanges for strengthening the ties between two nations.
Arfaei is a graduate of the Oriental Institute at the University of Chicago, which is has the greatest concentration of knowledge on such ancient languages.
On Ancient Grammars of Space: Linguistic Research on the Expression of Spatial Relations and Motion in Ancient Languages
Fadel Ali Mohamed, the Libyan Professor of Archaeology and Ancient Languages, with the Golden Order of Phoenix.
The MNA mentioned that the Brahvi is considered to be one of the ancient languages of the sub-continent and is spoken in Sindh, other parts of the country and Gulf states besides Balochistan province.
Summary: TEHRAN (FNA)- Ancient languages hold a treasure trove of information about the culture, politics and commerce of millennia past.
They spend their thousands for their kids to learn, Socially ambitious; and with money to burn, Ancient languages taught from epochs long passed, A schoolboy freemasons, so many contacts amassed.
An ancient Anatolian root emerged whether the researchers combined linguistic data or separately considered the 20 ancient languages and 83 modern ones.
He added that the mission, in association with the University of Thi-Qar, organized a lecture on the effect of environment on the Sumerian civilization and would arrange for another one in English on ancient languages in addition to a concluding five-day workshop for the students of the mass communication college on antiquities, tourism and the media.
The talking dictionaries initiative from National Geographic Society's Enduring Voices project is an attempt to prevent these ancient languages being forgotten.
The treasures included 8,000 inscriptions in ancient languages, he said,
Worthington, who specializes in the study of Babylonian language and literature, said he got the idea of posting audio recordings of the ancient tongue to the web because "the questions which students of ancient languages most frequently hear from laymen are: 'How did they sound?
London, July 21 (ANI): Latin, one of the most ancient languages, may be on the road to revival as celebrity tattoos spark a craze for the language amongst school goers.
It refers to studies on the Polynesian Wayfinders; the Garma project at Yirrakala in the Northern Territory of Australia identifying Yolgnu sense of position; original field data mainly from Papua New Guinea; and on the work of linguists who have recorded and analysed the ancient languages of the Pacific region.