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a history of the ancient world

knowledge of some recent fact or event that has become so commonly known that it has lost its original pertinence

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Accordingly, the French ancient historian Michel Humm stated in a recent article that cultural history as practiced in Germany since the 1990s is actually a "histoire culturelle a la francaise" (HUMM 2012, p.
However, few ancient historians would automatically assume that the first usage of a term necessarily marks the point at which the word was first applied to a phenomenon, and the fact that the proto-martyr Stephen was actually referred to as a martus in Acts (22.
more, if I am not mistaken, Finley is the only ancient historian whose
However, analysis of their bones has put forward the hypothesis that gladiators were vegetarian athletes: in his accounts of Rome, the ancient historian Plinius refers to gladiators as "hordearii" (barley-eaters) (Eichholz et al.
Ramsay MacMullen, eminent Yale ancient historian, sheds new light on this question in a disturbing book.
Finley, the late distinguished ancient historian, had long argued that Homer's fictive world was largely drawn from the so-called Dark Ages (1100-800 B.
Christian Meier is a prominent, and prolific, ancient historian, now retired, who taught for many years at the University of Munich.
As an ancient historian, Cline has excellent command of the early material.
Milo claimed his first of what would be six championships in the Greek Olympiad, thereby becoming "the most illustrious of athletes," in the words of the ancient historian Strabo.
He describes himself as an ancient historian rather than an exegete.
He was an anthropologist rather than an ancient historian and was of necessity dependent on the syntheses of non-Marxist historians.
displays an impressive knowledge of more recent campaigns and theories of war which will no doubt delight the military enthusiast, whilst for the ancient historian the book is one of the first studies to consider seriously how the Roman army really worked.
xi) that he is neither a New Testament scholar nor an ancient historian.
An eminent scholar who was an ancient historian, expressed this underlying assumption.
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