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a history of the ancient world

knowledge of some recent fact or event that has become so commonly known that it has lost its original pertinence

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However, few ancient historians would automatically assume that the first usage of a term necessarily marks the point at which the word was first applied to a phenomenon, and the fact that the proto-martyr Stephen was actually referred to as a martus in Acts (22.
an oddity, it seemed, because ancient historians as far as I knew were,
Ramsay MacMullen, eminent Yale ancient historian, sheds new light on this question in a disturbing book.
Finley, the late distinguished ancient historian, had long argued that Homer's fictive world was largely drawn from the so-called Dark Ages (1100-800 B.
Milo claimed his first of what would be six championships in the Greek Olympiad, thereby becoming "the most illustrious of athletes," in the words of the ancient historian Strabo.
He describes himself as an ancient historian rather than an exegete.
Professor Keay is leading the project in very close collaboration with Ancient Historian Professor Pascal Arnaud, from the Universite de Lyon La Lumiere, who will be analysing key Greek and Latin texts and inscriptions to learn more about what they tell us about the character and capacity of ports and the connections between them, port officials and port communities.
However, one British Egyptologist and Ancient Historian disagrees.
No other ancient historian has referred to the issue.
As a result, insisted the ancient historian, the kingdoms of Israel and Judah were plundered.
Nonetheless, I will confess (not without a twinge of amusement at my own discomfort, I hasten to assure you) that I prefer not to have it even hinted that I write the kind of history I write as an ancient historian simply because my limited sources allow me to do no better.
Willie Mullin's Ancient Historian can take the opener, the Reindeer Handicap Hurdle.
See discussion of ancient historian Moses Finley's argument in History, Theory, Text, 166, 168-69.
An ancient historian wrote that the most sought-after shade of purple was "a color like congealed blood.
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