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a monster that is unverifiable but popularly accepted as possibly factual

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Ancient creatures are coming back to life at the BBC's Walking with Dinosaurs exhibition, at Woodhorn Museum, in Northumberland.
Our models almost bring these ancient creatures back to life and it's really exciting to be able to look at them in such detail," said Imperial College London researcher Russel Garwood, lead author on the research.
They're ancient creatures like the half-man, half-fish Missing Link (Will Arnett), or the results of experiments gone wrong, like half-mad scientist, half bug Dr Cockroach (Hugh Laurie).
April 13 /PRNewswire/ -- Although dinosaurs remain a fascinating topic for young and old alike, much of the information available on these ancient creatures is inaccurate.
These ancient creatures recognize Will as the Fair Prince they have been waiting for to lead them into battle against those who would destroy them and their habitat, but meanwhile they must keep him safe from the evil ones who have taken human form and are staying in the guesthouse.
Fossil remains of more than 80 species of ancient creatures - mostly mammals, no dinosaurs - have been found at Red Rock since paleontological work started in 1906, before the area became a state park.
ANCIENT creatures stirring from their prehistoric slumber, monstrous predators hungry to feed on their helpless prey.
One of Tolkien's wilder brainwaves, Ents are ancient creatures whose job was to look after trees in the days when the whole of Middle Earth was covered in them.
Dinosaur trackers are being invited on a special trip - to trace the footprints of the ancient creatures along the Yorkshire coast.
THE last time we saw Nigel Marven he was coming face-to-face with all manner of dinosaurs and other ancient creatures in ITV1's Prehistoric Park (see above).
99) written by dinosaur specialist Sindy McKay, illustrated by paleo-artist Robert Walters, and is the story of several species of ancient creatures and why the dinosaurs went extinct (except for those that evolved into birds).
Part of his role will be to protect one of the world's most ancient creatures - the great crested newt - which has been around since the end of the dinosaur age.
After living for millions of years, the greatest threat these ancient creatures face might be the hordes of modern visitors who wish to see them.
Now Nigel Marven has an up-close-and-personal encounter with dinosaurs and other ancient creatures in the six-part series Prehistoric Park (ITV1, Saturday).
Highlights of the show include Stan, the most complete T-Rex skull known to science, the dinosaur runway where you can attempt to outrun one of the ancient creatures and the chance to have your head superimposed onto that of a beast via the wonders of modern technology.
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