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the time period during which Rome dominated Europe

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Jade Raymond, managing director, Ubisoft Toronto revealed that the next title is sailing to ancient Rome.
Portus was the maritime port of ancient Rome and together with the neighbouring river port at Ostia, was the focus of a network of ports serving imperial Rome between the mid-1st century AD and the 6th century AD.
Blood and kinship; matter for metaphor from ancient Rome to the present.
In ancient Rome I would have been a law-abiding working man.
Bring ancient Rome and Renaissance art to life for your children Make ancient Rome and Renaissance art come alive for your children with TourCraftersO good-deal Spring Break package to Rome and Florence.
The one that most caught his attention and which he said he wants his people to work on is the idea of a theme park on ancient Rome," Gianni Alemanno, Rome's mayor, was quoted as saying.
Ancient Rome had its traffic problems, too, and used some of the same techniques being tried in our big cities today to solve their problems.
A guided tour of Ancient Rome, home to the Colosseum, the Forum and capital of one of the world's mightiest ever empires, and pay a visit to the Villa Borghese, which houses some of the city's finest museums, with artefacts from throughout Rome's history.
Price includes: Return flight from Bristol, four-star central hotel accommodation with breakfast, guided tour of Baroque Rome, and a guided tour of ancient Rome.
99 THE filth, barbarity and splendour of ancient Rome, as described by contemporary writers, are vividly summoned up in this entertaining book.
THE SEDUCTION of ancient Rome was transported to Olive Bar and Kitchen in Mehrauli, as the restro- bar played host to a theme party, the Toga Bar Night, on Wednesday.
THEY may be 3000 years old but didn't the excavated roads of ancient Rome seem to be in better nick than ours at the moment?
Long after the fall of ancient Rome, its heroes and legends continued to influence future generations.
The first part is legal thriller a la Steve Martini meets ancient Rome, and the second part is about the politics in the first republic of the world.
Vespasian changed the face of Rome by launching a major public works program, which included the construction of the Colosseum, the structure that arguably defines the glory of ancient Rome.