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the architecture of ancient Rome

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Perceived against the architectural horizon of expectations of its day, the nave seems less allied to "med ieval," that is, contemporary interiors than to the vast spatial and massive physical forms of ancient Roman architecture.
A student of ancient Roman architecture and proponent of the ideal villa, with symmetrical central block, portico and long, curving wings, Palladio the man would have approved.
Players will re-create the legendary city of old using a unique variation of the much loved Match-3 puzzle mechanic to build more than 20 masterpieces of the Ancient Roman architecture.
In Cradle of Rome, players can build more than 20 historical sites from 5 different eras of Ancient Roman architecture by gathering resources such as wood, tools, gold and more by matching rows of 3 or more on the puzzle board and obtaining as many as possible before the time runs out.
In real time, visitors to the exhibit will be able to explore the ancient city landscape and its numerous buildings and immerse themselves in the reconstructed 3D models of ancient Roman architecture, rendered interactively.