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Herzig of roads in the ancient Roman Empire. Although Herzig does not use Hobsbawm's notion of 'invented tradition' he makes it clear that written sources from ancient Rome do not support the usual picture of the famous 'Roman' road-building techniques which have been praised since the sixteenth century.
From the ancient Roman Empire through the Renaissance to the Fascist and post-World War II periods, he traces the evolution of these open spaces in practical, theoretical, and political terms.
Washington, Dec 7 (ANI): A research team has stumbled upon evidence in a site in central-northern Italy that suggests that the area is the pottery center where the oil lamps that lighted the ancient Roman Empire were made.
For centuries, the ancient Roman Empire reflected that existential reality.
Is this a modern democracy, or the ancient Roman Empire?
Goths were an eastern Germanic people who had a big hand in the fall of the ancient Roman empire.
The British Empire "on which the sun never set" lasted for only about 200 years, much less than the ancient Roman Empire. It made Britain wealthy and elevated it to the status of a world power.
But like the ancient Roman Empire, Keaveney's Ranch House in Cummer had its days of glory in the swinging dancehall era.
Vatican City--On January 8, 2006, while baptizing 10 infants in the Sistine Chapel, Pope Benedict compared the wild excesses of the ancient Roman Empire to 21st-century society, and urged people to rediscover their faith.
It is associated by many with the regimes of Benito Mussolini in Italy and Adolf Hitler in Germany but its supporters claim it has its origins in the Ancient Roman Empire