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a political and social system that no longer governs (especially the system that existed in France before the French Revolution)

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His red card contributed to one of Liverpool's most depressing European nights and Biscan's name had become synonymous with the failure of the ancient regime.
All in the Family" came on the scene with a sharp edge, delivering the coup de grace to television's ancient regime of fantasy devoid of any connection to reality.
Its explicit purpose was to reassert the novelty and the `modernity' of the period 1660-1700, in reaction to Jonathan Clark (who claims that the English ancient regime survived essentially unchanged until the crisis of 1828-32) and Jonathan Scott (who argues that the political battles of the 1620s, 1640s and 1680s were all part of the same, ongoing conflict).
Now that she has turned to the ancient regime, it's no wonder Geri will enthusiastically tell anyone who will listen about yoga's beneficial qualities.
11) is one of the more distinctive elements of Hispanic cultures, both past and present, and he does a fine job of summarizing many of the political, economic, and cultural factors that seem to have supported "sociocentrism" during the ancient regime.
As Linz and Stepan (1996) argue in Problems of Democratic Transition and Consolidation, however, in cases where the ancient regime was led by a hierarchical, rather than a nonhierarchical, military elite, the problem of civil-military relations is likely to be a particularly ominous one.
Sheri Berman is a professor of Political Science at Barnard College and the author of the forthcoming Democracy and Dictatorship in Europe: From the Ancient Regime to the Present Day.
Together with the French Revolution of 1789, it spelt the end of the ancient regime in the US and France and ushered in the advent of individual freedom under the law in a system of representative democracy.
As for the goal of secular Young Turk revolutionaries, it consisted of destroying the ancient regime, and those who were not fitting in the definition of "new" were doomed to destruction, exactly like today.
In his French exile, thugs associated with the ancient regime harassed him and tried to disrupt his antigovernment activities.
The sponsors of the ancient regime (referred to as folool, or remnants, in post-revolution political discourse) have not been rooted out by the revolution, particularly in the lower echelons of state structure, because the revolutionaries who challenged the dictator and withstood his wrath, did not assume power after toppling him.
A son of Rakti (108) out of the Rockfel Stakes winner Distant Valley, offered by Kellerk Stables, looks a speedy type on paper, while Oaks Farm sells another likely two-year-old type, an Arakan colt out of half-sister to Ma Yoram (115), a winner of the Group 2 Gimcrack Stakes from the family of champion French juvenile Ancient Regime.
Poussin was foremost a toaster in the representation of historical time and irretrievable change, while Tiepolo has been described by art historians as a late, but genuine, believer in the divinely ordered ancient regime.
Among the topics are why men fought in the American Revolution, problems of law and order during the 1790 peaceful year of the French Revolution, the Dutch Affair and the fall of the ancient regime, revolution and emancipation in Saint Dominique, and the process of Mexican independence.
La crisis que muy bien leyo Cosio Villegas para el Mexico de mitad del siglo veinte no fue otra (y siguio siendolo durante mucho tiempo) que la crisis del propio regimen, la crisis del ahora ancient regime, una suerte de cicatriz que marco de principio a fin a un peculiar ordenamiento politico e institucional que nunca supo como resolver o superar sus propias contradicciones.