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a political and social system that no longer governs (especially the system that existed in France before the French Revolution)

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In Tunisia, similar tensions exist between the new order and remnants of the ancient regime and some extremist Islamists, who have little regard for the democratic process, as could be seen in violent attacks on media outlets with which they disagreed.
Essentially, Bohs' role in the relationship has been to provide a reality check - a reminder that they belong to the eircom League's ancient regime and Longford to its nouveau riche.
In short, a new pharaoh is born and the rotten ancient regime receives a kiss of life.
Since the July 2013 military coup, the dynamics in Egypt are characterized by a return of the ancient regime with a vengeance.
Together with the French Revolution of 1789, it spelt the end of the ancient regime in the US and France and ushered in the advent of individual freedom under the law in a system of representative democracy.
A talented ambitious Chinese or Indian has zero reason to emigrate to France, unless he is consumed by a perverse fantasy of living in a segregated society that artificially constrains its economic opportunities yet imposes confiscatory taxation on him in order to support an ancient regime of indolent geriatrics.
The Bastille was a prison and a symbol of the absolute and arbitrary power of Louis the 16th's Ancient Regime.
The pantomime reminds us the ancient regime fought back and Britain remains an unequal Two Nations.
In the wake of this revolution --a revolution which eventually brought to power the Ba'th party of Saddam Hussein the ancient regime of Iraq found itself both persecuted and imprisoned.
In Yemen, the US and Saudi Arabian military intervention and the resultant support for the ancient regime has blocked the path of the revolution for a clean-cut success, establishment of a people's democracy and putting the wheels of the economy back to work.
The sponsors of the ancient regime (referred to as folool, or remnants, in post-revolution political discourse) have not been rooted out by the revolution, particularly in the lower echelons of state structure, because the revolutionaries who challenged the dictator and withstood his wrath, did not assume power after toppling him.
He went from being the leader of the crowd outside the Bastille to the personification of the ancient regime.
Scully enjoyed plenty of success with juvenile fillies in France himself, owning three female winners of the Prix Morny in the 1980s - Ancient Regime, Regal State and Seven Springs.
President Saakashvilli and his ancient regime need to know that the world has moved on from those dark days and that democracy means fair and free elections need to be held as soon as possible.
The Asian interactions, particularly in matters of trade, were already resident in continental Europe in the persons of merchants and diplomats from the Orient, as shown in Ina Baghdiantz McCabe's Orientalism in Early Modern France: Eurasian Trade, Exoticism and the Ancient Regime (Oxford, 2008).