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the Germanic language of Scandinavia up until about 700

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From the Paris Exposition Universelle of 1900 comes the 'Blue Roses' hanging designed by the Norwegian Frida Hansen (1855-1930, executed in an openwork weave that had evolved from her study of ancient Nordic weaving techniques.
It is a land rich in folklore, with stories of mysterious elves and trolls whose ancestry weaves an intricate tapestry dating back to the beliefs of ancient Nordic invaders.
In Jan Terje Faarlund's treatment of Ancient Nordic (pp.
For the first production in Bayreuth in 1876, Wagner's designers based their creation on current knowledge of ancient Nordic cultures, even getting into debates about how long, given the archeological evidence available, the swords should be.
The Germanic forest is full of myths: unicorns abound; the shade of Armenius who slaughtered the legions of Augustus hovers in pine scented air; the ancient Nordic gods wait for Wagner's trumpets.
Captives were lured to the ancient Nordic settlement by the Income Tax (Exempt Insurance Act) in 1981, which also created a rare contingent of 13 offshore life assurers.
Over every page of this novel hovers the ancient Nordic notion of wyrd--a personal fate unfolding inexorably from within.
In an ancient Nordic country, young Solveig is trapped.