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John Malam's Ancient Rome (9780778728825, $27.60 HC, $8.95 PB) and Ancient Greece (9780778728764, $27.60 HC, $8.95 PB), Ellen Rodger's Ancient Mesopotamia (9780778729901, $27.60 HC, $8.95 PB) and Ancient Egypt (9780778728740, $27.60 HC, $8.95 PB) and Rachel Stuckey's Ancient Maya (9780778728788, $27.60 HC, $8.95 PB) and Kelly Spence's Ancient China (9780778728689, $27.60 HC, $8.95 PB) each excel in bright, contemporary photos, discussions of archaeology, artifacts, and how readers can dig deeper to consider related issues, and offer close-up and wide-ranging discussions that consider both small relics and bigger pictures.
The Justice Department said Hobby Lobby ignored the warnings of an expert in 2010 and paid $1.6 million for 5,500 artifacts of questionable origin--including rare cuneiform tablets (traditional clay slabs with wedge-shaped writing that originated in ancient Mesopotamia, now Iraq).
Through an examination of literary and archeological evidence, "Ancient Mediterranean Religions" summarizes the fundamental religious beliefs and practices of the ancient Near Eastern world, including the religious traditions of ancient Mesopotamia, Egypt and Israel.
It is named after Babylon, one of the most important cities in ancient Mesopotamia. The region is thus an important part of Iraq's cultural heritage.
(9) Despite this absence of vertical appeal, some experts have come to believe that at least some evidence suggests that "an appellate process of some kind was practiced" in ancient Mesopotamia based upon the availability to litigants, in certain circumstances, of the second proceeding.
Throughout the book, Buccellati reminds us of the central role fate played in ancient Mesopotamia, despite the fact that it was not personified as a deity, it had no cult, and it was not an active participant in myths (see, for example, pp.
An activity focused on exploring significant achievements from ancient Mesopotamia will be used to demonstrate the application of the framework and to show how self-regulation and online inquiry can be combined and integrated within teaching.
Michael Baigent's Astrology in Ancient Mesopotamia (9781591432210, $18.00) uses translations of the Nineveh library tablets and other ancient materials to consider how Babylonian science and modern astrology are connected.
Literature from as far back as ancient Mesopotamia and Ancient Greece gives us clear descriptions of individuals' combat-induced post-traumatic symptoms and, by the dawn of the Industrial Revolution, modern psychiatry began documenting examples of man-made disasters resulting in what we would now call post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).
At a time when terrorist groups are destroying the rich artistic legacy of ancient Mesopotamia and selling looted antiquities to raise money for weapons, it is more important than ever for democratic nations to take a united stand against the destruction, looting and trafficking of our shared global heritage.
The destruction of the site of one of ancient Mesopotamia's greatest cities recalled the Taliban's annihilation of large Buddha statues in Afghanistan more than 12 years ago, experts said.
e destruction of the site of one of ancient Mesopotamia's greatest cities recalled the Taliban's annihi T -lation of large Buddha statues in Afghanistan more than a dozen years ago, experts said.
The book recounts the millennia-old epic legend of Gilgamesh, king of Uruk, who came to Dilmum, from ancient Mesopotamia, in his quest for the secret of immortality more than 4, 500 years ago.
Either in name or in form, and often in both, many can be followed from Greece and Rome back to the early civilizations of ancient Mesopotamia (modern Iraq): the Assyrians, the Babylonians, and, most ancient of all, the Sumerians.
Artifacts recovered from the city demonstrate a peculiar incongruity with nearby civilizations of the time and it has been speculated that Shahr-e-Sukhteh might ultimately provide concrete evidence of a civilization east of prehistoric Persia that was independent of ancient Mesopotamia.
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