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the ancient kingdom of Philip II and Alexander the Great in the southeastern Balkans that is now divided among modern Macedonia and Greece and Bulgaria

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For instance, the first edition of the History of the Macedonian People included a chapter on Ancient Macedonia. In the 1990's more emphasis in the historical narrative was given to the ancient Macedonian history.
A fierce warrior, Philip had united ancient Macedonia, a region north of what would become Greece (see map, p.
(8) Despite scholarly fascination with Alexander the Great and Philip II, specialists of ancient history and archaeology and the general public alike have tended to treat ancient Macedonia as an isolated land of swampy plains and mountains.
The lead article discusses the dramatic changes in scholarly emphasis of the last 30 years that have brought ancient Macedonia to the fore, in particular increased attention to the role played by Alexander the Great's father.
Moreover, it should be noted that the Republic of Macedonia does not seek to monopolise or claim exclusivity of the cultural heritage of ancient Macedonia, but rather wishes to share it.
The relentless conqueror's inspiring words have been taken to heart by writer director Oliver Stone in this bombastic biopic of the dashing warrior king of ancient Macedonia (356323 BC).
Hunting wild game was not just an optional pastime in ancient Macedonia. It was integrated organically into the education and elevation of the aristocratic elite.
Further, the northwest and sections of the western region of the Republic of Macedonia, an area that is predominantly ethnic Albanian, themselves lie outside what is commonly considered the boundaries of ancient Macedonia. Further, as an example of how boundaries in Southeast Europe have become a geographical palimpsest, the villages of Debar, Kicevo, and Tetovo in Macedonia were part of the Kosovo "frontier" from 1913 to 1944 yet today comprise the western boundaries of Macedonia.
Mac.: Ancient Macedonia 1-5 (Thessaloniki, 1970-93); Anson: E.
That hunch seemed to be confirmed when Athens announced last Wednesday that the tomb "used more marble than any other public building in ancient Macedonia."
He says it should be borne in mind that before Nikola Gruevski came to power, nobody spoke of ancient Macedonia.
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