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the ancient kingdom of Philip II and Alexander the Great in the southeastern Balkans that is now divided among modern Macedonia and Greece and Bulgaria

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Since the ancient Macedonians were Greeks, and since the modern Greeks are the descendants of the ancients, 'it follows that the name and the territory of ancient Macedonia are 'legitimately' Greek and any claim to the contrary impugns Greek identity (by claiming that the ancient or modern Macedonians were or are not Greek) and therefore impugns the integrity of the Greek nation' (Roudometof 1996:284).
Moreover, it should be noted that the Republic of Macedonia does not seek to monopolise or claim exclusivity of the cultural heritage of ancient Macedonia, but rather wishes to share it.
Martis, in narrow geographical terms, ancient Macedonia occupied the lands of southern parts of present-day Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (without Skopje/Scupi) and northern Greece up to Mt.
The relentless conqueror's inspiring words have been taken to heart by writer director Oliver Stone in this bombastic biopic of the dashing warrior king of ancient Macedonia (356323 BC).
Further, the northwest and sections of the western region of the Republic of Macedonia, an area that is predominantly ethnic Albanian, themselves lie outside what is commonly considered the boundaries of ancient Macedonia.
Ancient Macedonia 1-5 (Thessaloniki, 1970-93); Anson: E.
That hunch seemed to be confirmed when Athens announced last Wednesday that the tomb "used more marble than any other public building in ancient Macedonia.
He says it should be borne in mind that before Nikola Gruevski came to power, nobody spoke of ancient Macedonia.
According to him, the Greek Prime Minister cannot refuse this offer as he was doing until now and hopes that at these meetings the differences surrounding Ancient Macedonia will finally be solved, which were seen as the main problem although this was not publically said.
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